39″ Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar

39" Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar

Best Choice Products 39in Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit is the ultimate intermediate and beginner guitar. Its body material is wood, and the back material is hardwood. The weight of the guitar is 15.9 pounds, and it is easy to lift and hold. It is a great starter kit and also perfect for any beginner. I am a music lover. I bought this guitar for my own, and it was the first guitar that I have ever purchased. It is a great size, and the strings are pretty soft as well.
If you are a music lover and looking for a guitar to buy, this Best Choice Products 39in Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar is perfect for you. Grab yours now by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

BrandBest Choice Products
ColorMidnight Blue
Top Material TypeWood
Body MaterialWood
Back Material TypeHardwood


Best Choice Products 39in Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit w / Case, Strap, 10W Amp, Strings, Pick, Tremolo Bar – BCP Manufacturing Company makes midnight Blue. BCP mainly manufactures various types of electric devices. Their products are available in different countries around the world. They use high-quality materials to make each of their products so that the products are more durable and beautiful. They also have a lot of high-quality technology that makes the products more perfect.

The body used to make this guitar is Wood Fretboard Material Rosewood, String Material Nylon, Top Material Wood, Neck Material Type Maple, Number of Strings 6, Guitar. Bridge System Tremolo and this guitar are available in seven colors: Blue, Black, White, Sky blue, Mix Black Orange, Mix Blue Black, Mix Black & Wood Color. The guitar has a total of 8,223 reviews. So it can be said that the guitar made by BCP is very popular.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Ultimate beginner & intermediate guitar.
  • Complete all-in-one guitar kit.
  • Custom design.
  • Customize your sound.
  • Quality sound.
  • Not for kids.
  • No lefties are available.

Product description

Ultimate Beginner and Intermediate Guitar: Your guitar set is custom designed in a way that is perfect for playing outside the electric box. And the vibrations are handcrafted to transform into electric sound so you can embellish the fun features.

Complete all-in-one guitar kit: This guitar set includes all accessories, so you don’t have to buy additional accessories. It is a complete all-in-one guitar kit, including a nylon carrying case, an amplifier, and cable, Includes a shoulder strap with a pick, extra string, electronic tuner, whammy bar, and an attached pick holder.

Custom design: This guitar has accented bindings for a sophisticated electric guitar look. And its custom-designed custom black tuning peg is very nice and smooth and has a quality paint finish on the new model.

Customize your sound: Customize the sound you like with this guitar. It allows you to play anything from blues to rock; just experiment and rock out with different genres & styles of music with adjustable sound. The tremolo bridge system allows you to bend the pitch while playing, and the hammy bar is removable, creating a tremolo effect.

Sound Quality: This guitar is custom-designed with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard, and 3 single-coil pickups that are handcrafted. And with a removable Tramadol Bridge system and matching hammy color bar converts vibrations on your guitar into a very rich and incomparable rock sound; overall dimensions: 39 “(L) x 10.5” (W) x 2 “(H)


I bought this guitar for myself from Amazon. Of all the guitars on Amazon, this one was my favorite. I was worried about the quality of the product because it was so cheap. I got what I was hoping for. I’m glad I got this guitar. I bought this product in December 2020. Yet this guitar has the same quality. Amplifiers do a lot of work without buzzing. I use my Android phone to tune guitar strings and download the tuner app from the play store. Considering the price of the guitar, I am fascinated.

This guitar is available in 6 variants on Amazon. Can play The guitar outside the box. can play this guitar outside the box. This guitar is custom designed. It is made by hand to convert vibration into electrical sound. You can understand this if you use it. This guitar comes with an electronic tuner, hammy bar, a pickup, extra strings, a nylon carrying case, an amplifier and cable, a shoulder strap with an attached pick holder. You don’t need to buy any things from outside.


There are accented bindings for a sophisticated electric guitar look. This quality is a perfect paint finish, and the tuning plaque is much smoother. I rocked out and experimented with different word style genre music. I feel good. The guitar was incomparable in that it had a matching color hammy bar, which made the vibration stronger and turned it into a great rock sound. This guitar is brand Best Choice Products. I took the guitar with a Cherry Red collar. The materials used in the guitar are wooden body, fretboard material Rosewood, String Material Nylon, Top Material Wood, Neck Material Maple.

This is the kind of guitar I’ve used before. I was a little skeptical because of the low price. The product was much better in terms of price. The strings were very soft. I used a guitar for $ 500. I haven’t found any difference between the two yet. There are also many good reviews on Amazon and other sites. 4.5 out of 5 customer reviews on Amazon. And the global rating was 6231, and many good reviews. Most buyers have given good reviews. I am personally recommending this product


Yes, it even comes with one.

Amp string is 25.59 “/ 650mm.

It seems so. I don’t play hard enough, and no buzzing or anything is going on. I still haven’t gotten Allen Ranch out.

It may be a bit big for them, but they will have to buy another guitar in a few years.

Yes, it is a good deal for the money.

Final description

The 39in the full-size beginner is going to be a perfect guitar set for those thinking of buying an electric guitar. The electric guitar set is designed to be played outside. You no longer have to buy other instruments separately; everything is provided with the guitar.

Anyone can play this guitar very well by the instrument. The instrument is going to be a complete guitar set for you. The guitar features an amplifier, a nylon carrying case, a pickup, electronic tuner, extra strings, a hammy bar, and a shoulder strap. The guitar strings have been used to a very high standard which results in very little damage and is very durable. The accompanying electronics devices use very good quality, and everything performs very well so that the melody of the guitar is perfectly maintained.

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