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Tuner Product was established in 2021. It is a website for musical instruments. You will find most of the musical instruments on our website. All the products are top-rated, most popular, and trending. We always want the client to be happy with us forever. It is our only wish. All our product and quality is good. It helps us to be successful very quickly. In this way, we will always win the hearts of the clients. We may have succeeded in working with ideals and integrity in the online marketplace. We always try to sell the best products of taste, each of our products is 100% researched, and then we bring it live for sale. We know that honesty is the key to success in any business, so we always love to work honestly with our clients. Stay with us to purchase the best products from us.

We always offer something good. I think you can enjoy the best service from us. Thank you so much for supporting us so much.

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Founder & CEO

We are a team of 15 people. We didn’t know each other before 2020. We knew each other & started working together after we joined Dream IT. Special thanks to the Founder & CEO of our company Md. Swapan H Shamim. He trained us all and made us successful. Now we are working under his command. He is the pioneer of our team and work. He takes care of all of our work, and he fulfills all of our needs. If we need anything for work, he arranges that as soon as possible. Without him, we wouldn’t know how to establish ourselves on the online platform. He is the guardian angel in our life. 

Our Story

We are a Specialized team of Digital Marketing & Website Development. We have been working together since 2020. Our main company name is Dream IT and our team consists of 15 members. We are specialists in all categories like Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Graphics Design, etc. First, we learned these topics, and then we started to employ these skills in practical life. This is how our online journey started. Tuner Product is our 2nd website of our made. We did every single work on this website on our own. not by hiring any person. Tuner Product is a music instrument-based website. We do affiliate marketing with Amazon, and our targeted category is musical instruments. 

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Dream IT is an  IT Institute founded in 2020 with a very Student & Customer friendly environment. It offers comprehensive training programs as well as Services (e.g.  Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Web Design & Development with WordPress) on different IT Web sectors with a strong base of real-time trainers with proven expertise in varied technology domains. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best IT Web Lessons and Services, with a focus on achieving your ultimate goal.

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