Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone is an ideal microphone for home and studio applications. According to the price, it is one of the best microphones on the market. This microphone is worth more than it costs. The colour of this microphone is black. And it is connected with an XLR connector. This microphone is compatible with every recording program and audio input with an XLR cable. Cubase, ProTools, and GarageBand software are supported with this microphone. It produces smooth, natural, and exact audio that inputs.

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Connector TypeXLR Connector
Connectivity TechnologyWired


Audio-Technica Manufacturing Company makes this handsome microphone. Audio-Technica Company is based in Japan. And the company was established in 1962. The company relocated to Tokyo, Japan, in 1965. It began exporting phono cartridges and recording instruments worldwide in 1969, expanding rapidly. Currently, the products made by Audio-Technica are top-rated all over the world. Audio Technica works with an audio sound system. They manufacture various earbuds and microphones such as earphones, microphones. Hi-end audio, Car audio accessories, Professional microphone, Professional headphones, conference systems, Sound mixers, WisyCom, Switchcraft.

We searched the Audio Technica website and found that their advanced and premium products. Their support system is very good. They issue a warranty for each product. You can visit the Audio Technica site and see their products if you want. For your convenience, the website link of Audio Technica Manufacturer Company is provided >

What we liked

What we don't like

  • It’s ideal for making project / home-studio applications.

  • Provide wide dynamic range and high SPL handling.

  • Provides elaborate frequency response and superior temporary response.

  • Enhance detachment of the wished-for sound creation.

  • Great quality of materials.

  • High-quality sound.

  • Best for beginners.

  • The classic all-around condenser mic.

  • Maybe a little mean to use on a desk.

  • Required to get a pop filter.

  • The product should come with an XLR cable.

Product description

Side address studio and condenser microphone technology performance value. Very nice and ideal for project / home-studio applications.. The noise level is 20 dB SPL. High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide versatility unusually and wonderfully. Provides superior transient response, and custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides increased frequency response. Reduces noise from behind and cardiovascular polar pattern. Side improves isolation of desired sound source—output connector: Integral 3 pin XLRM type. Mike’s black spots and part of the beautiful design. Audio-Technica Case Style: R7.

Compatibility standards make the AT2020 and Audio-Technica’s strict quality completely different from another mic in K’s class. Its high transient response and low-mass diaphragm are custom-engineered for extended frequency response. With high SPLs and laborious construction for durable performance, the microphone provides a wide range of dynamics and makes it easy to operate. AT2020: Very nice and good new quality for affordable side-address studio condensers.


My song has required a microphone to record. I love lyrics and like to record. So I decided to edge the microphone. I saw a microphone in many stores I could not be able to do as I wanted. My friend told me that he said to buy from Amazon. I got this microphone after I visited Amazon Site. This is a product of Audio-Technica. It was in two variants, AT2020. The other is A2020USB +. I bought AT2020USB +. Because I have a Blue Snowball that I used before. AT2020USB + can be recorded by USB directly through the computer, which is the Studio Sound. It is high quality and has an excellent quality microphone. The recording makes a lot of good, sensitivity and microphone overload it.

By this, I mean that it does not only go to power supply rail and latch. I had a boom microphone floor stand with the microphone and pop filter was. According to the microphone, the word canceled. There is a high-quality word in the microphone, and there is an interval headphone monitoring jack. Why not monitor your microphone signal without interruption. It gives a warm sound and is recorded in high volumes.


Software is easy to install. Most software drivers are used for USB devices. It is designed to capture the accelerative audio source digitally. This microphone is of good quality, acclaimed by criticism. It has a mix control that mixes the microphone and pre-records audio. Audio-Technica ensures the quality of sophisticated designs and production strategies. And this microphone holds the value of the company. The microphone has high-quality A / D converted with 16 bits. The 44.1 / 48 kHz sampling rate is controlled for the audio. It has high SPL handling and a wide dynamic range that offers unparalleled versatility. Provides superior transient response and custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides enhanced frequency response.

The AT2020 gun can make the listener understand the whole pronunciation with comprehension. It is ideal for podcasters, streamers, musicians, and other content creators. This is an iconic mic made for the home studio of the most affordable professionals. Those can use it for YouTube, Facebook, Performance, Short Film, and Vocal Microphone or Project / Home-Studio applications. It can be easily replaced on the table and is easy to carry.


No, you need a sound card to connect it, and it goes to PC

No, it does not come with an XLR cable or stand.


Yes, using the mic monitor dial, toggle between PC sound and your own, or set the balance accordingly until it is right for you.

Yes, I am running Windows 10 with Audacity recording software.

Hello: It comes with accessories shown. This item includes factory and original products.

It will work, but it will capture all kinds of sounds, capture the sound of your keyboard.

If you are good at rap, it will help you. Records what you throw at it.

It has its own adapter that fits most standard microphone stands.

Final description

The audio technician’s rigor, quality, and consistency set the AT2020K apart from its other class mics. The increased frequency response is the custom-engineered and low-mass diaphragm for its higher transient response. The microphone offers a wide range of dynamics, with rugged construction for durable performance and easy handling of high SPLs. AT2020: Added a new standard for affordable side-address studios

Stellar Audio-Technica Performance – Incredible! The AT2020 offers classic Audio-Technica sound quality at an incredibly low price! Capture the subtlety, vocals, and subtleties of acoustic guitar, then scream and pick up the guitar amplifier cabinets, all with a mic. It works on the Swiss Army Knife calculator of the affordable condenser. You can put your stereo mic pair together at this incredible price, which will help you a lot better! Perfect for Project Studio, today’s home, the AT2020 is designed to fit comfortably into your mix and your budget at the same time. The perfect “first microphone,” we’ve confirmed, the AT2020 will fit your studio!

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