Beginner 30" Classical Acoustic Guitar

Beginner 30″ Classical Acoustic Guitar- this is a complete all-in full acoustic set. It is a full-scale 6 strings standard-size guitar. This classical acoustic guitar is perfect for beginners and children who want to learn guitar. Also, I bought this one for my younger brother as his birthday gift. He wanted to learn guitar at home. So I thought this would be the best choice. The guitar is so easy to hold, and also it sounds great. Also, you get all the accessories in the set, no need to buy any single thing from outside.

Besides, If you want to buy this guitar for your siblings or children, you are at the right place. Finally, you can buy this guitar directly from our website with a special discount. It will save you time and money.

Brand Pyle
Color Natural Gloss
Guitar Bridge System Fixed
Number of Strings 6
Body Material Natural Linden Wood
Back Material Natural Linden Wood


Additionally, the beautiful classical acoustic guitar above is made by a manufacturing company called PYLE USA. The first PYLE Company was established in 1960 as a manufacturer of audio equipment and stereo systems. Then, PYLE Company made many types of electronic devices such as television, radio speakers, etc. Also, their manufactured products tend to be of much higher quality. Besides, they make a variety of musical instruments, one of which is high-quality materials to make guitars that are very durable and spectacular. We have collected a lot of important information from the product review section where the product users have expressed their views.

From there, it is understood that they have got the right and beautiful product at that price, so if you buy the product, you will get the right product at the right price indeed.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Standard full size.
  • Linden woods.
  • Perfect for kids.
  • Only for beginners
  • Student-friendly not for experts

Product description

  • Martin Smith 38 Inch Classical Acoustic Guitar has a dreadnought ergonomic body. It is made for playability. And it has an attractive high gloss finish that gives you satisfaction while playing.
  • On this Acoustic guitar Metal Gear-heads and Steel Strings make your tuning more accurate and ensure your guitar will remain in tune for longer.
  • Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar has a Tuner that is easy to use and provides you with clear feedback. The acoustic guitar beginner kit is incomplete without a guitar tuner.
  • Looking for beginners, kids, or adults. It will be the best choice for you. Guitar Strap will help those looking to stand while they play and give you a different playing style.
  • Guitar Plectrums & Gig Bag make it easy to transport.


On my 6-year-old cousin’s birthday, I gave him a 30 “classical acoustic guitar. In fact, this guitar is for young children and those who want to learn to play the new guitar. The friend’s son is very happy to get the guitar. I bought a guitar from Amazon. Many people have bought this guitar. The reviews are pretty good. I have bought it after seeing all the reviews. The guitar has a review rate of 4.1 and a rating of 1376 on the Amazon site.

However, it is the product of the manufacturer brand company Pile. I had a gig bag with guitar, detached nylon shoulder strap, pitch pipe tuner, and 3 picks. Great guitar for kids to play, play recitation guitars, practice on stage programs and at home. The guitar tune is very good. I tried to play it myself. The string and fingerboard were soft. The classical acoustic guitar is made of handmade wood. Then Ebonized Maplewood Bridge, Linden Wood Body, High Gloss Deep Cherry Polished Body and Back, Chrome-Accented and Perloid Tuner Pegs are great for kids.


And it sounds like very good quality. I played other guitars that the kids had were not as good as this guitar. The strings and fingerboards were very stiff. The guitar is beautiful and exciting to look at. The guitar has been playing for about 9 months now, so why not have a problem. It is a great guitar at a low price. I played this guitar with my guitarist friend, who appreciated the tune of the guitar a lot.

Also, the neck of the classical acoustic guitar is smaller than the normal size. Then, it makes it easy to play the cord, which is comfortable for a full-size neck. Besides, you can take this guitar if you want your child to learn to play the guitar. After learning the basics from here, you will be able to play the full-size guitar. If your child is less than 6 years old then playing the guitar is perfect for the learner. I think it is a good guitar for any child to play the guitar. Children can easily hold this guitar.

It weighs 3.79 pounds and is 19.3 inches long. Anyone can carry it easily. You can carry this guitar in a bag. This guitar fascinates me. I personally like this guitar a lot. It is recommended you can take this product for your child. Besides, I have received good reviews on all the places I have known about the product on many sites.


No, it’s for the right-handed.

The unit comes with the following items

It’s a guitar – not a toy

Yes, I am happy about it—just a beginner guitarist.

Hi, this unit is just a standard classical guitar.

Yes it is suitable for children from 5 to 13 years. It is not a toy and it has metal strings

There is no amp plug. Also, you can use the included strings to create and tie a loop from the top of the strap to the very top of the guitar neck.

Then you can use the included strings to create and tie a loop from the top of the strap to the very top of the guitar neck

Yes, it does!!! And it works perfectly fine

Final description

The 30 Classical Acoustic Guitar set is the right choice for you. Because you need to start playing now. Also, the guitar features a gig bag case, a shoulder strap made of detachable nylon, and a pitch pipe fitted with tuners and picks.
The standard is a full-scale 6-string guitar designed for use in full-size guitar lessons, band rehearsals, recitations, performances, on-stage performances, or even practice at home. A guitar can be great for beginners and children learning to play the guitar.

Then the Linden Wood Classical Guitar features handicraft wood construction with Maplewood Bridge, High Gloss Deep, Linden Wood Body, Cherry Polished Body and back, chrome-accented and Perloid tuner pegs fully integrated.Therefore, perfect for Kids This traditional Junior Classic Acoustic String Instrument Kit is completely new and can be an excellent tool for both kids who want to start playing the guitar. Again, it is very convenient to carry everything you need to start playing directly outside.
Finally, Total Length 3 Scale Length: 19.3 Headstock, Wood Freight Material Colored Maplewood, Body Material, Linden Wood, Freight Number 18 Freight, Nut Width Spacing 40mm, Total Dimensions 30.0 L and 11.3 W and 2.8 H.

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