BEHRINGER Audio Interface

This BEHRINGER Audio Interface is the best instrument for recording audio. It has a 2x USB port to record microphones and instruments. This audio interface provides 48 kHz resolution for professional audio quality. It’s built with high-quality parts and technology. Also, it has some special features that are very unique, Compatible with popular recording software, Steinberg Cubase, 2 input and 2 output for computers, ultra-low latency, supporting Mac OS X and Windows XP, etc. With this Audio Interface, you can upgrade your content quality much better. To buy this Audio Interface tap this button below.

Supported SoftwareTracktion 4
Connectivity TechnologyUSB, XLR, Xlr
Number of Channels2


This Audio Interface has been developed by BEHRINGER Audio Systems Manufacturing Company. BEHRINGER has been manufacturing various types of products, but the notable product categories are DJ / EDM, Installed Sound, Live Portable Sound. Musician, Recording, and Broadcast, etc. Their journey began in 1989, but its beginning story began in 1981. We searched BEHRINGER’s official website and found that they provide many kinds of service support. Their support includes FAQs, Product Registration, Technical Support, Service Requests, Pre-Sales, Spare Parts, Downloads, Warranty Terms & Conditions, Website Feedback, etc. And they have brands like Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Tannoy, Turbosound, TC Electronic, TC Helicon. Behringer, Aston Microphones, Bugera, Coolaudio, Eurocom, etc. 

BEHRINGER provides its products and updates through various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. You can connect with them using all these social media. You can also follow Dant from Tadf’s official website and purchase their products from there, and you can take their help from their website for any problem related to the product. This is their website link. You can purchase their products by visiting the dental website through this link and enjoy all their benefits.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • The Legend in Sound Quality.
  • It can be done very easily.
  • Everything You Need to Sound Amazing.
  • Work it with confidence and accuracy in your favorite recording software for professional results each time.
  • A strong phone’s output has its own level rule and Monitor A/B root selected for DJ-style cueing.
  • You will never be disappointed using it.
  • Built-up quality is good, high-quality plastic, small, low weight.
  • Dual monitor output with A/B and mono switches.
  • No separate knobs for monitors and headphones.
  • Many may not like it because it uses plastic to make it.
  • Single Phantom Power Switch for all channels (all 4 on or off) – Beware of mixed sources.

Product description

2×2 USB audio interface which is perfect for recording microphones and instruments

Audiofile maximum 48 kHz resolution for professional audio quality. And its maximum sampling rate: up to 48 kHz.

 Fully compatible with more popular recording software including Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase etc.

Streams 2 inputs and 2 outputs to your computer with ultra-low latency, which supports Windows XP and Mac OS X or higher.

The state-of-the-art, powered Xenyx Mike Primp compares to stand-alone boutique Primp.

 The BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UM2 comes with audiofile 2×2 USB and audio interface XENYX mic preamplifier.



BEHRINGER AUDIO Behringer Mid-Ranger Audio has carved a nice niche in the market, and their Mid-Ranger is a very beautiful product that “will not set the world on fire, but will not disappoint you again”. Mike Pre-Amp It has low noise, is virtually noise-free and its outputs are very strong, and the high barrier input works perfectly as expected. Will get. This unit is made of plastic instead of metal which makes it quite light. If you want to keep it in a bag, you have to keep it in the middle of your desk. Not being on the edge makes it somewhat obscure in a normal way, but the weight of a few wires threatens to pull it or stick it to the floor so I thought I would play safely. 

To be honest I would admit that I was willing to give it back because on the first attempt at setup I ran into a variety of problems multiple times. It turns out that if you are in Windows 10 or have Windows 10 on it then you have to go online and download the correct driver otherwise it will not be installed properly. Which will make you frustrated in using it. I found the correct driver and installed the installation program correctly and am now running. After that, I rebooted my laptop and then started the installation program again.


When I’m browsing Google Chrome and YouTube, I use both IN and OUTs in FL Studio at the same time in a very perfect way. The audio quality is great for a mid-ranger budget that you pay to buy it. I would say you buy this product easily if you are on the edge! It is very smooth and very easy to carry. You can power it with a power adapter or without a power adapter so you don’t have to worry about moving around with the adapter that comes with it. It will also give you a great advantage if you use a DAW for recording music. It also has a guitar/instrument input and a mic input (including Phantom Power). 

This also has its own volume knob for each input. There is even an output volume knob. And with that and also a headphone jack. Depending on the program you’re using, you may be able to use it together with a stock soundcard, or the HDMI output sound may give you more isolated output channels. Behringer Out The main advantage of this USB audio interface is all the outlets that this interface offers you at the sale price. I know you will not find any other Ehringer in this Behringer Out USB Audio Interface.


Yes it will work great with Odyssey !!! I use it (I like its user-friendliness) and I do very good recording with it !!!!

Ableton 9 Lite and Cubase LE

Behringers can be used on websites and any kind of box, with UMC202HD Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher.

I am offering Behringa staff and I 100% think it will work for Mac or X. Either way, it’s 50 bucks, so it’s an opportunity before buying an expensive interface.

Final description

The BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA202 Audio Interface is a 2-in/2-out audio interface that connects to your computer with a USB cable. It features analog connections and 24-bit/192 kHz resolution. The UCA202 provides a microphone input with dedicated volume control and a headphone output with independent level control. You can plug in your electric guitar or bass and use the DI input to record directly without the need for an external amplifier. It also includes Behringer’s acclaimed XENYX Mic Preamp with its robust built-in EQ and Compressor. This audio interface is a great solution for those who want to make their recordings sound as good as possible.

The BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA202 Audio Interface is a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface with 2x preamps and built-in analog-to-digital converters. The UCA202 provides an easy way to record and playback music, podcasts, and other audio content. The UCA202 also has 2 MIDI ports to connect to other MIDI-enabled devices.

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