Best Choice Products 30" Kids Electric Guitar

Best Choice Products 30in Kids Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Kit is a perfect electric guitar. It is mainly built for kids, and also it is totally in an ideal size. In this guitar package, you will get a 5W Amplifier, Strap, Case, Strings, and Picks. All the necessary things you will get inside of this package. You don’t have to buy a single item from outside. This guitar is a complete all-in-one package. The color of this guitar is Black, and the strings are made of Nylon. It also sounds great, and the guitar is effortless to lift and hold for kids.
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BrandBest Choice Products
Body MaterialWood
Neck Material TypeHardwood


The 30-inch Kids Beginner Electric Guitar is made by BCP Electric Instruments and Accessories Manufacturing Company. BCP manufactures a wide variety of electrical products in addition to musical instruments. BCP Electric Instruments products include Home Appliances, Toy & Games, Pet Supplies, Garden Supplies, Fitness Instruments, etc. They uses high-quality materials and technology to manufacture its products. Their products are exported to different countries of the world. Besides exporting, their products are also available in various online market palaces. BCP products are either retail or wholesale in two ways. BCP attaches great importance to its customers, providing customer service all the time to help them.

For any help, you can take help with them through live chat. You can also use their social media to connect with them. Their social media is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest. They have 57,151 followers on their Facebook page and 9023 followers on Twitter. If you compare their products with other manufacturing companies, you will see that their products are very premium. Observing everything, BCP is an extraordinary manufacturing company. If you want, you can visit their site >

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Perfect size for kids.
  • Quality of music.
  • Designed with a pickup that converts vibrations to a rich, electric rock tone for hours of jam sessions.
  • Complete all-in-one guitar kit.
  • No need to purchase any additional accessories.
  • Included Amplifier.
  • Not for experts.
  • It is only set for right-handed users.
  • Some users complain about AMP.

Product description

Perfect Size for Kids: There is no need to wait for their arms to reach this low note, as this guitar is their size adults can also use it, which allows kids to learn to play the guitar from an early age. And when they grow up, they can switch to a full-size model guitar according to their needs very efficiently.

Single Coil Pickup: This guitar is beautifully designed with a pickup that converts vibrations into electric rock tones, making them more beautiful and rich for hours of jamming sessions.

High-quality: This guitar is designed like a standard-sized guitar that is ideal for viewing and playing. It has an all-wood build and a glossy finish for long-lasting use.

This is a complete all-in-one guitar kit: No need to buy any additional accessories. This guitar has all kinds of accessories. It comes with an extra string, strap, cable, pickup, and an amplifier carrying case.

Amplifier included: It helps strengthen the guitar’s pickup signal for battery-powered 5-watt clips in the middle. And also helps to make your music bigger and more beautiful with overall dimensions: 9 “(L) x 30” (H).


30 in Kids Electric Guitar Begin Starter Kit with 5 and Amplifier, Strap, Case, Strings, Pix – Black, the quality of the guitar is very good. This guitar is very good for small children. Because it is very good to see, and the sound is very sweet. Kids are very happy with the guitar. Kids have a lot of fun catching and playing the guitar as it is small. The sound of the guitar is very loud as the guitar is electric. It has a very beautiful design. The kids like it a lot. I bought this guitar for my baby, and I was fascinated by my baby’s guitar. He used to wear my guitar all the time.

So I ordered this guitar for him. He plays this guitar all the time. Now he doesn’t take my guitar anymore. In between, he could make some nice words. It gives a lot with the guitar that is needed. The 30in Kids Electric Guitar guitar is great for a beautiful guitar. The string quality is great. You can easily replace the kids. You can buy it.


When you see the price of the guitar, the price is much lower. This guitar has everything. Everything is of high quality. This handmade guitar is made to look beautiful, with an elegant finish. It will impress you. It is very beautiful, which attracts everyone. I hope this is very good for your child. And your baby will love it. You will not be deceived if you buy the guitar. Your child will be very happy if you buy the guitar. It will not irritate you in any subject. You can see there are some good reviews. I still have no problem with the guitar. 30in Kids Electric Guitar is perfect for kids and perfect for a comfortable experience. This guitar will help you a lot if you want to teach your child something good. I hope this will impress you and you will like it a lot.


No, this guitar is for playing right-handed. You need to look specifically for left-handed guitars.

Yes, a 9 or 10-year-old can use this guitar.

Yes, my son is also right-handed. He feels very comfortable in this.

I don’t think there is one.

Unfortunately, this model is only available in the right-hand setup.

I use a 9V 850mA adapter with a center-negative plug.

Amp does not work at all! Very frustrating.

I am not aware of that.

I bought it for my 6-year-old grandson, I mean from his age.

Final description

The 30in kids electric guitar is going to be an all-in-one guitar for your kid. This is a very good quality set for kids who have a little bit of a good guitar experience, just as much as it is capable of playing the guitar for an hour. There is a lot of demand in the market for a classic body finish and a nice design.

5 watt, battery-powered amp clips make the pickup signal inside the guitar even stronger, which can last for hours on end. When your child has mastered this guitar, you can take it to a better guitar. Because the guitar is so light and thin, your child can easily hold and play the instrument. The sensors of the guitar strings use very good quality so that the clips on the strings vibrate as soon as they are shot. He sounds perfect.

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