Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar

Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar is one of the best Junior size guitars made from Linden Wood. This guitar is the first choice for beginners as it is small in size and light to lift. I love to play guitar though I am not a musician. Playing guitar is my hobby. My ten years old son also has an attraction for music, and that makes me so happy. So I decided to buy him this junior size 30″ Classical Acoustic Guitar. It is perfect for him to lift and hold. This guitar also sounds good and looks gorgeous. I went to a store with my son to buy him this guitar. That made him so happy, and now he is learning great.

Besides, if you want to buy this guitar for you or your siblings or children, you don’t have to go to the store and buy it. Finally, you can directly purchase Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar from our website without any trouble. You will get a discounted price from our website also. It will both save your money and time.

Brand Pyle
Color Wood Fretboard
Body Material Basswood
Back Material Linden
Scale Length 19.3 Inches


Moreover Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar is one of the best Junior size guitars made from Linden Wood, made by PyleUSA music and sound instrument manufacturing company. Specifically, they use high-quality technology and materials to create each of their products which makes their products more durable and long-lasting. The kind of material they used to make this guitar is made with much better quality and also advanced technology. The PyelUSA Company was famous for making high-quality woofers in the 1960s, and gradually they are now producing sound instruments and musical instruments that are very high quality and popular all over the world.

After 2000, PyleUSA companies have been making various types of car sound systems, woofers,subwoofers, amplifiers, musical instruments, etc. And at present the pyleUsa company’s sound and musical instruments are widely known and popular all over the world.

What we liked

What we don't like

  •         Perfect starter guitar, great for entry level.
  •         Very complete and inexpensive beginners set.
  •         Junior scale size.
  •         Handcrafted.
  •         Suitable price.
  •     Starter Guitar Design Perfect for Children & Beginners.
  •   Not for everyone. It’s for kids.
  •         Not for professional music.
  •         Some Manufacturer service options may not be available.

Product description

1. The Pyle Company gives you a complete all-in-one acoustic guitar set. Therefore, this Exclusive 30-inch Beginner Guitar Includes a gig bag case, spare strings, digital tuner cleaning cloth, detachable guitar shoulder strap, and picks, etc.

  1. Again, a traditional classic body style for beginners and children learning to play the guitar and Suitable for use in a junior scale 6 string guitar lesson, recitation, band rehearsal, stage performance or practice at home.

3. This Exclusive 30 inch Beginner Guitar made with handcrafted wooden like linden wood body, dyed hardwood fretboard, Birchwood headstock. And it has a high gloss polished body and back w/ protective binding, chrome tuner pegs, rosette linden laminate finish.

4. Then, The junior classic acoustic stringed instrument kit is very helpful to those who are looking to start guitar playing, especially for beginners and children. This is very nice and traditional.

5. The Total length of Acoustic Guitar 30”and Scale length 19.7” but the Total body Length 14.4”and No. of Frets: 18 Frets. Guitar string material made with Nylon and Battery powered tuner: Requires 1 x button cell (CR 2032). Included Total dimensions of Acoustic Guitar 30.5” L x 11.2” W x 2.8” H 

Why Classical Acoustic Guitar


In fact, this guitar package has everything you need to start your career. This guitar is 30 “, it is clear that it is not for an adult. Children aged 8-12 can play the guitar well. Those who are interested in learning the guitar, without much investment will also become your flame. It’s good to see the guitar as it is. If anyone hears its tune, he will go after the volume and love I have seen all the reviews of the guitar, looking at all the reviews I think the guitar is much better. Everyone has commented so. I also bought it and think it is much better in terms of everything. Comes in a pizza shaped cardboard box, wrapped in plastic wrap. The guitar has all the included accessories at the bottom. The build quality looks great, durable and there are no cracks, scratches, etc.

Moreover, I’ve played the guitar with some guitarists, they say the guitar is very good, and the volume is very beautiful. The guitar is perfect for picking up any tune. I’ve seen a lot of guitars or heard volumes, this guitar seemed the best to me. Everyone said the guitar was very good. If you buy the guitar you will also say it is much better. It will feel the best to you too.


Additionally, I have never seen a better guitar for a child’s guitar education. I will refer this guitar to all the children who want to learn to play classical guitar. Kids will be able to learn to play the guitar in play techniques. Basically, it’s not a guitar to play. It’s a real musical instrument. I downloaded the free tuning app and saw that it gave a very good tune. I bought it for a 6-year-old child. The guitar is very strong and there is room for string replacement. Tuner clip picks and bags are intertwined with this guitar. Good quality baby guitar at a low price. Then, the guitar features a wood body, birchwood headstock, colored hardwood fretboard, high gloss polished body and back w protective binding, rosette linden laminate finish, and chrome tuner peg.

This guitar is very good to know the new playing. The guitar weighs 3.8 pounds and is manufactured in China. Being underweight, children can easily carry it. Amazon has 4.2 out of 5 reviews and 126 ratings. I definitely think it’s a much better quality kids’ guitar. Again, the price is much lower, Amazon is offering a 29% discount on prices.

FAQs for Classical Acoustic Guitar

The design is new and perfect for children

 You can re-string to align it with the left hand.

There is more nylon on the guitar

19.7 ‘inches (500 mm)

Yes it is connected to the unit.

It will depend on the size of your baby. Total guitar dimensions (L x W x H): 30.5 ” x 11.2 ” x 2.8 ” -inches. Type the model number in the PGACL S30 search box for more details.

Final description

Beginner 30 ”classical acoustic guitar is a modern guitar. It was originally designed for first-rate students. It uses a magnet black steel basket and more non-press paper, cone dual 4-ohm impedance, layer dual voice coil, power spring-loaded push-down speaker, terminals: “3D” dimensions, etc. By looking at the above, you can understand how modern and digital an instrument it is. The use of layer dual voice coils gives a very perfect sound when the strings located in the guitar vibrate.

Again, a good thing for those who like extra travel is that the guitar comes with a very good quality gig bag case, good training, and great performance keeping in mind that the guitar is made in a very light way. Then, this subwoofer is able to serve its perfect sound in all the hostile environments in your car or at home, whether in the open air or not. What makes the guitar more eye-catching and attractive is its body design. Again, another special feature of the string is that the strings are made very strong and fine and have a magnet set in the bang area of the string so that the words can be displayed perfectly.

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