Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight

If you are searching for a  perfect DJ controller Hercules DJ Control starlight can be the best choice for you. This is the best and perfect ultra portable compact  controller to mix on the go with serato. Including all the features that you needed to mix and perform anywhere. This DJ controller has Serato DJ lite  software that helps you to control the controller base lighting and give you a perfect performance. get all the essential features like touch sensitive jog wheels, loop, bass, hot cue modes and whatever you choose. Bass/ Filter EQ knob gives you transitions and sounds effect.so make your dream fulfills with this Hercules DJ controller.


This Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight | The Pocket USB DJ Controller is manufactured by Hercules Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. Hercules was founded in 1930. Hercules has become a very popular brand since the 1930s. They has been producing musical instruments as well as many other types of technology instruments. Hercules discusses various artists and a half on their website. They provide different types of support providers such as Download, FAQs, Locate Us, Contact Us, etc. Hercules sells their products from their official website, can video their website to purchase their products, and take advantage of all the benefits related to their product. Hercules uses various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to promote their products and services.

You can follow them on their social media from their website. You can also contact Hercules Company through their website to communicate. Even if their website does not have the facility of live chat, you can email their official email addresses. To facilitate communication with them, their website has been set up at Lebanese Providence, www.herculesstands.com.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Size and weight are quite comfortable at work.
  • Built-in is a very beautiful great feature.
  • You could be mixing this portable full-featured DJ controller anywhere.
  • Mobile and compact: Packed with all the features you need to blend wherever you like.
  • Pressure-sensitive jog wheels: Break with pressure-sensitive jug wheels, play music, and control scratches.
  • Funny light: Funny light can help you a lot to learn to mix.
  • Pressure-sensitive jug with wheels to control playback and scratch.
  • Works with free software like Serato lite (although very limited)
  • The Midi control has a shift function for greater mapping power.
  • Preview your mix on your headphones before playing it through the speakers.
  • The fx options are very primary, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • Without the RCA, again just 3.5mm, not a compact breaker (I think the audio quality is comparable to an iPhone with a 3.5mm audio dongle ..not great, but not bad)

Product description

It has a very perfect and perfect DJ controller to introduce you to DJing with the best DJ Lite.

Headphones and speaker outputs are built-in sound cards for pre-listening.

Lights on base: RGB, rear control and strobe effect.

All the necessary features like: hot queue mode, base / filter, FX, loop, sampler, pressure sensitive jug wheel etc.

Compact and can carry very easily wherever you want

A beautiful and perfect controller that blends with the Serato on the go. It has all the features needed to perform and blend easily anywhere in the Ultra Portable Compact Controller.

Included in this, the best DJ Lite software allows to control the base lighting (RGB and strobe effect) of the controller very easily and perfectly.

Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 13.4 x 3.9 x 1.93 inches
Country of Origin China
Item model number 4780884
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available September 20, 2018
Color Name Black
Hardware Interface USB 3.0, USB 2.0
Supported Software Serato
Material Type Plastic
Proficiency Level Beginner
Operating System Windows 7, Windows, Windows 10


Rate Cialis DJ Discontrol Starlight | A very good-quality USB DJ controller with the best DJ Lite, town-sensitive jug wheels, built-in sound card, and B-in light show pocket which makes it a great controller for money. I am a DJ with over 25 years of experience. I see it as a great “baby” DJ controller it would be a backup controller for me. It comes with Serato Dj Lite so it has everything you need to turn it on. I noticed that another reviewer said that even if you already own the software, you need to buy a Serato DJ Pro license to use this controller with Serato Dj Pro. But what he said is not true. It will work with any Serato Dj Pro compatible controller only if you “pay” for the Serato Dj Pro software via the Serato website.

Now, if you have a controller that uses Serato Dj Pro, such as Pioneer DDjSX3, please note that you do not “own” the software. Which only it will work with that controller. And you need to purchase it to unlock the software completely. But if you are a new DJ, you can easily get all the Serato Dj Pro with the free Serato Dj Lite with this controller. What older ones can do now is that once Serato started or started allowing 3rd party controllers in their ecosystem, I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find a portable controller that allows me to use it to scratch and sync.


I am accustomed to – the functions available in a traditional turntable / CDJ / mixer setup using pitch adjustment and Naz. I’ve seen a lot of DJs but never seen anything like it. But no one did it like this little controller. Now I have something that I can rock on the beach or on the plane or something that I can easily use to test the mix at home without setting up my whole rig. A funky light show made by Wheel and Unit Bell – Citizens of Newmark. Another reason I find it helpful is because a low number means that there is no way to load the song and no control. Its sound card produces 24-bit and fully club-ready sound. 

I recommend buying this controller for newbies and all other DJs like me who play ballroom or swing dance. It adds some excellent ability to use the best. It is also a very metallic controller. It’s the most convenient, compact, and user-friendly controller I’ve ever seen. The Serato Dj Lite complements any large DJ system that does what it is supposed to do and can be backed up. It is very convenient to travel with. So in my opinion this Hercules DJ DJControl Starlight at such a price is very nice and perfect for both beginners and professionals. Which is why you can definitely buy it.


It is not designed for iTunes. As far as I know, iTunes doesn’t read MIDI input and it doesn’t even have the mapping of this product. You can get something like Serato DJ lite and integrate iTunes into SDJ lite and then use it to play iTunes songs via SDJ lite.

Yes, It even comes with a version of serato and it comes with the version and it is completely compatible

The software can only be used for downloaded music. AppleMusic as a streaming service is not consistent

Yes it is. Works great with Apple’s iPad. If you do not use the Pro version, you will need a camera dongle for USB connection

Yes.  you have to download the driver.

Yes, you will need the camera connection, adapter, USB and the djay app. Hercules publish a  video on their YT channel showing how to set this up. You can take help from there

If your keyboard has that capability then yes and if you are able to record by Serato then yes.

You need a laptop to sore your music and to run the  DJ software

Final description

Hercules DJ DJ Control Starlight is a smooth, high-tech controller for professional DJs. It has a dual-deck design, 16 backlit rubber pads, 4 touch-sensitive control knobs, and 2 line feeders. With this controller, you can create, mix and scratch music like a professional. Hercules DJ machine is a favorite of many because it has many advantages

Hercules DJ Control Starlight is very easy to carry, it is a perfect tool for chatting and practicing with small event friends. The jug wheels are mounted on the machine in a very free way so that it can be controlled properly while playing fast. The Hercules DJ Control connects you to your device where you can get lost in a beautiful colorful moment. The LED lights are used throughout the controls, and the lights are named to match the beat, making them more attractive.

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