Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument Portable Synthesizer

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This Otamatone [English Edition] Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument Portable Synthesizer Arrow Manufact is Otamatone Japanese Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. Otamatone usually manufactures Japanese musical instruments. We visited Otamatone’s official website and presented some of their important points through research. The types of products that Otamatone manufactures are Otamatone deluxe, Otamatone original, Otamatone Kumamon, Otamatone Kirby.Otamatone Kabuki, Otamatone Kiss, Otamatone Lucky Cat, Otamatone Ninja, Otamatone Sweet, Otamatone Unicorn. Their support that Otamatone provides is Email Us, Support Sites, FAQs, Knowledge Base, Documentation.

The only social media platforms to communicate with them are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no live chat on their website which will disappoint Kostam but you will be able to communicate with him on all their social media. For your convenience, Otamatone’s official website link is given below. You can visit their website from there. You can purchase musical instruments at www.otamatone.com.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Perfect for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Very Fun & Easy to Play with it.
  • Innovative, unique, and has now become a popular toy worldwide.
  • Single notes.
  • ‘’WAH” effect.
  • Vibrato technique.
  • Small parts.
  • Not for children under 3 years. 

Product description

Bit Maker Essential and Music Production-Virtual Synthesizer control, 25 MIDI keyboards for studio production and bit production with speed-sensitive keys with USB powered MIDI controller.

Full control of your production – Innovative dynamic pitch and 4-way thumb stick for easy control of modulation is also a built-in arbiter with adjustable resolution, mode and range.

The MPC Experience-8 backlit motion-sensitive MPC-style MIDI Beat Pad controls full level and note repetition, virtual synthesizer / DAW control, and trigger patterns for programming drums.

Easily assign all your music studio plugins for full command of FX and your virtual instrument-tweaking synth control, 8 360-degree knob mixing and much more.

Everything you need for 1500 Plus Sound and Pro Productions – 6 Virtual Instruments with Full Music Production Starter Kit, 2GB Sound Content and MPC Beats.

Starting your hit song with MPK Mini MK3.

Introducing the MPK Mini MK3, the 3rd iteration of the world-famous Mini 25-key plug and play USB MIDI keyboard controller that completely redefines how a generation of producers make music.


This Otamatone [English version] is truly a wonderful musical portable synthesizer toy. Which makes it one of the best-selling musical instrument portable synthesizer toys in Japan! Using this Otamatone really won my heart. There are 3 voices in it, many more voices than each end, but the notes are true and that is very remarkable. Inside it is printed a sheet and it is packaging instructions in English. Otamatone is a little hard to learn, but it is very easy to master. This Otamatone electric guitar has a facial expression when it is gently pressed from the side to create a “wow wow” effect.

I was a little worried when the package was distributed to everyone in a soft envelope and poured into an apartment mailbox Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It certainly counts for something and is worth mentioning. I bought this for my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary relationship. Since then I am sure I have been replaced by it. During the day the sound calls him and the face chases him in his dreams. He plays it whenever he can or has the time, badly, but it gives him such joy that I really enjoy watching him too.


It brought a lot of beautiful and interesting pleasure to our small apartment and I am sure our neighbors stayed away with gratitude only for this Otamatone. If I could get a pair of earplugs so I could sleep at night, for which I would bring it back to my home a heartbeat it was an absolute joy. But these otamatones are certainly not as effective as real instruments. The notes played by the position of the freight board vary depending on the battery level and are not uniform throughout the model.

You can change the whole note without moving your finger to its non-deluxe model. Which really makes it impossible for you to play on the pitch. All elements are displayed as screenshots and videos, depending on its quality. After I gave it to my boyfriend, he was very happy to use it and considering the price, it is a really great product at such a price. I am really satisfied with this. If you want to buy it then you can buy it without any hesitation.


It has two different volumes. Or too loud

I bought 2 of them and both of them broke down instantly! Made too bad and couldn’t fix me

You can use it by holding the part of the circle at the base of your hand

Yes Alex, we currently have units in stock.

Made in China, but of good quality, I bought some nice packaging

Final description

The Otamatone is a Japanese electronic musical instrument. The Otamatone is a portable synthesizer that resembles a cartoon animal and is about 10 inches long. It is played by touching its back and sliding one’s fingers up and down the edge of the top half of the Otamatone. It has one speaker on the back, and one on the front. The Otamatone is made of plastic and has four built-in speakers. It has two small knobs on the side of the Otamatone. One knob controls the volume, and the other knob controls the tone. The Otamatone is black.

The keys are arranged in the shape of a circle, with the exception of the D key, which is located in the center. The Otamatone is played by pressing the keys with one’s fingers to create sounds that are then amplified by the built-in speaker. The device has three modes: solo, duet, and poly. The poly mode allows for three players to play together at the same time.  

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