Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar is an orchestra-style guitar. It is an amazing acoustic guitar. Gloss natural color has been applied. Dreadnought body style and laminate spruce top made it more attractive. This guitar is easy to lift and hold. It weighs only 5.07 pounds. The body material of this guitar is Rosewood, and the back material is nato. The guitar’s strings are made of steel which gives the perfect sound of the guitar. The bridge system of this guitar is adjustable.
It is the best guitar according to its price. It gives premium vibes on a short investment. Are you looking forward to buying a guitar? Grab yours now by clicking the button below.

Top Material TypeSpruce
Body MaterialRosewood


Jasmine Guitar Manufacturing Company makes Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar. We have done some research about Jasmine Manufacturing Company, but we have not found any specific information about them. The guitar is awesome to watch. Jasmine Company manufactures a variety of guitars. Each of their guitars is made with high-quality materials. They only make guitars, and Their guitars include Dreadnought, Orchestra & Auditorium, Classical, Mini. There is no relevant info about the manufacturing on their website. I learned from their website. You can do business with them in a dealership if you want.

To get in touch with them, you can mail them to the email address mentioned. Otherwise, you can contact them by visiting the address given by them. Their custom support systems are not as good as those of other manufacturing companies. No social media was found to contact or follow them except their website. This means that if you want to communicate with them, you have to visit their website > www.jasmineguitars.com this is their website link.

What we liked

What we don't like


  • Gloss Natural.
  • Sapele back and sides.
  • Dreadnought body style.
  • Laminate Spruce top.
  • Synthetic bone nut and saddle.
  • Rosewood Fingerboard.
  • Great audio, despite.
  • Best starter guitar for beginners.


  • Not too much high-quality materials were used.
  • Tuning pegs are average.
  • Not for children under age 3

Product description

Jasmine S-34C : This stylish grand orchestra-style guitar represents rich, balanced, and beautiful sound exceptional value, which is a beautiful Venetian-style cutaway. The Jasmine S-34C has a well-designed, easy-to-play guitar for any player looking for an easy-to-play guitar. Thin neck and back and full 25-1 / 2 “scale length give a very nice comfortable feeling and excellent playing ability. And due to its smooth satin finish, the best sound maximizes the resonance for very good quality.

Features : Jasmine spruce and, top of all, with advanced “X” bracing.
Sapele on the back and sides.
Inside, there are rosewood fingerboards and bridges
It has a very thin neck profile.
The height of this guitar is 25 1/2 “scale length.
Synthetic bone nuts and gin.
Satin natural and beautiful finish

Bracing : You will see a series of sculpted wooden pieces at the bottom of the instrument’s top if you look closely inside an acoustic guitar. This guitar consists of bracing by sculpting pieces of wood. It supports the structural stability of the top of the guitar in a very nice way, and maintaining it can be said to be the primary function of bracing. This bracing can dramatically affect the sound of the guitar, depending on how it is made and its format (which is called a bracing pattern).


Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar, Natural This guitar is the perfect choice for everyone. This guitar package includes everything you need to start your career. I bought a guitar from Amazon. Many people have bought this guitar. The reviews are pretty good. I have bought it after seeing all the reviews. The guitar has a review rate of 4.6 and a rating of 1716 on the Amazon site.

It is the product of the manufacturer brand company Jasmine. I had a gig bag with guitar, detached nylon shoulder strap, pitch pipe tuner, and 3 picks. Great guitar for kids to play the guitar, play recitation guitars, practice on stage programs and at home. The guitar tune is very good. I tried to play it myself. The string and fingerboard were soft. The guitar is made of handmade wood. Ebonized Maplewood Bridge, Linden Wood Body, High Gloss Deep Cherry Polished Body and Back, Chrome-Accented, and Pearloid, this guitar sounds like a very good quality guitar tune. I played other guitars that the kids had were not as good as this guitar. The strings and fingerboards were very stiff.


The guitar is beautiful and interesting to look at. The guitar has been playing for about 9 months now, so why not have a problem. It is an excellent guitar at such a low price. I played this guitar with my guitarist friend, who appreciated the tune of the guitar a lot.
The neck of the guitar is smaller than the normal size. It makes it easy to play the cord, which is comfortable for a full-size neck. You can take this guitar if you want your child to learn to play the guitar. After learning the basics from here, you will be able to play the full-size guitar. If your child is less than 6 years old, then playing the guitar is perfect for the learner. I think it is a good guitar for any child to play the guitar.

Children easily hold the guitar. It weighs 5.07pounds and is 48 inches long, and it can be easily carried. You can carry it in any bag. I’m fascinated by this guitar. I like this guitar a lot, and I recommend you take this product for your child. I have received good reviews on all the places I have known about the product on many sites, and I think the guitar is the perfect choice for you.


Yes, it has a matte finish.

About 41 inches from the edge to the end and about 16 inches in the wide part. Thickness about 4 inches.

Requinto refers only to the lyrics or part of the lead guitar. But yes you can play requinto with this guitar. I hope this helps.

I believe so. If it fits a typical acoustic guitar, it will fit this.

No, it is not. This is a very basic acoustic guitar.

It has two strap buttons. However, it is best to tie your strap to the headstock with an acoustic guitar to distribute the weight evenly.

Yes, it does, and it needed a little adjustment when it came.

No, KMC Music now owns Jasmine Guitar.

No. Just a regular accent. Great word for that

Final description

The Jasmine S34C Nex Acoustic Guitar is a favorite instrument of everyone. Stylish Grand Orchestra-style guitar whose sound quality is very great and rich. The Jasmine S34C Nexus is an exceptional type of guitar that is very popular with everyone for its beautiful sound and body design.

This is the perfect musical instrument for those who are looking for a guitar that is easy to play and has a very sweet melody. The instrument uses very high-quality wood. The wood never gets stained due to its slim design, and the sound quality is very good and perfectly served to make the interior very perfect. As beautiful as the upper side is, you can see the interior designs if you look through the empty space on the side.

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