LEKATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System

LEKATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver

LEKATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System

This LEKATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver is built for wireless guitars music transmitting and receiving. This is one of the best guitar music transmitters and receivers ever seen. It looks good with a compact smart design. It can be folded 360 degrees. This device has some unique features. This transmitter can cover a big distance connection. Especially this audio transmitter and receiver made for stage performance. And you can use this in any kind of situation. No worry about music quality because it has high-quality technology and parts. It provides the perfect sound to the receiver without latency. so tab the bellow button to buy this smart audio transmitter and receiver set.

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
ColorBlack 5.8G
Item Dimensions LxWxH6.69 x 4.33 x 1.77 inches


This Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver is manufactured by LEKATO Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. LEKATO is basically a musical instrument manufacturing company. LEKATO manufactured product categories include Effect Pedal, Effect Pedal, Effect Pedal, and the product includes Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver, Wireless Microphone, Guitar Straps, Metronome, Tuners, etc. Make their website much more beautiful with their products. A special support facility will be available with each of their products. These are the privacy policy, Terms Of Service, Payment Method, Warranty Policy, Shipping Policy, Return, and Exchange Policy.

You can get help by talking to them directly from their website, they provide 24-hour support. You can also get help from their website via email, and you can purchase their products directly from LEKATO’s official website and pay your bills through various payment methods. We couldn’t find any social media platform from their website so the only way to communicate with them is through their website. For their convenience, their official website link is provided. https://lekatodeal.com

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Pure sound, no interference.
  • Fit for most musical instruments.
  • Excellent Sound Quality.
  • WIFI Interference.
  • Latency: No noticeable latency.
  • NOTE:  This is not a sound-canceling microphone. It can catch people barking at your neighbor’s dog and talking a few yards away.
  • The units look similar and require a closer inspection to distinguish them.

Product description

LeClear Signal Transmission: This is a wireless guitar system with a 24-bit 48KHz high-quality audio transmission. LEGATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System is a high-frequency ISM band approved for use in South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and this product is the best for wireless guitar.

No-interference: High-frequency low latency less than 6ms, the wireless guitar system uses 5.8GHz technology, resulting in no lag or signal loss. Supports simultaneous broadcasting on 4 channels. And its effective range is about 100 meters.

Convenient charging: This product uses a very good quality built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It works up to 5 hours after a full charge and comes with a USB cable for convenient recharging, ensuring a nice and perfect way to perform well on each of your shows.

Plug and play: Press or hold the signal key at the same time or simultaneously with the transmitter and receiver, no other operation is required. If the receiver and transmitter cannot connect to each other, an ID pair is required to reset them before first use, and please read the user manual.

Widely used: It is designed as a complete 220 rotating plug, available for most bass guitars, electric-acoustic guitars, electric guitars and more. .


This LEKATO 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver 4 Channels Transmission Range High-Frequency Battery Rechargeable Perfect for you. If you need Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter. This product is of high quality. And the product is much needed for any artist. I got tired of all the guitar strings and the mess they made. I also get tired of having wires broken or damaged and not often, it hurts to hear buzzing or find wire failure, and I have researched various wireless options and read countless reviews of current products on the market. 

Then, I chose this model of Lecato based on the reviews, the glasses I wanted, and the price. Remember, I won’t be touring soon with AC / DC, Styx, Queen, or Bon Jovi, but I’ll be available if asked. OK, So I ordered the LEKATO 5.8 GHz system on March 16th and received the box on March 19th. I think that darned very quickly, didn’t it? I opened the box and approached it a pretty straightforward approach; Plug-in, play, recharge, and repeat. The first charge time was about 1.5 hours. I’ve been playing for about 6 hours and it’s still getting stronger. Photos – I’m not intentionally doing a show-and-ball to influence my gear – to be honest, I’ve seen better examples than others; I just want to see that Kitano fits into many guitar styles. As you can see from the photos,


I’ve tried each guitar having the pickup and they all work just fine. Make two American straight notes – no problem! I read that these wireless systems may not accommodate active pickups – wrong !! I have a Schecter Hellraiser active pickup and it works fine (listen to what JY Young, Styx, can do with active pickups – very underrated musicians). My phonetics – two Taylors and one Martin all work. I tested my four amps – the Marshall DSL40, the Fender Stage 100, the Fender Blues Tweed, the Vox Valvetronix, and even my little Katana-Mini (which must be a must have for practice – what a great sound from a lunchbox!) Plug the Lecato into the board, tube skimmer, and Brian May Red special paddle. Guess what? Yes, they all work great. However, my gear is within 5 feet of my computer/cable router and so is my iPhone.

No problems and no cut out. I plugged in my iPhone to play music via amp and played the guitar using Kitano without any problems. Okay, now the distance test. This test was only done at home, but I walked around the house on the first and second floors. Lekato has done fine work even at a distance of 70-80 feet through a wall. It didn’t work between the two walls – as if you really needed it! So, I am satisfied with the distance test. Latency – nothing to the human ear. I suggest LEKATO 5.8Ghz Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar Transmitter suitable for you


Yes, the guitar system can support up to 4 channels As long as your two sets match well on the same channel, there will be no problem.

Yes, if you use a standard Android type phone charger that is plugged into the wall. It will charge just like a laptop.

Why do you want one. Make sure the receiver is plugged into the amp and press the sync button when both are ready for your play.

All you have to do when changing guitar is turn off the transmitter. Both receiver and transmitter have on / off switch. Very convenient.

If you’re talking about the Spark app – of course not.

It takes me about an hour and a half.

Final description

Lekato’s 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System is the first wireless audio electric guitar. The system has a wireless transmitter that plugs into the guitar. The transmitter has a single cable that plugs into the guitar’s output jack. The transmitter sends the signal to the receiver which is plugged into the audio source. The receiver also has a single cable that plugs into the audio source. The guitar’s signal is then transmitted wirelessly to the receiver. The receiver is plugged into the audio source, so there are no cables connecting the guitar to the audio source.

This allows for an uninterrupted performance. The transmitter has a built-in battery that lasts for up to 8 hours. It also has a built-in preamp, so you can plug it into a PA system. The receiver also has a 3.5mm input for connecting headphones or earbuds. This system is perfect for musicians that want to take their show on the road. The Legato 5.8Hz Wireless Guitar System Wireless Audio Electric Guitar is a wireless guitar system that will allow musicians to take their show on the road with no cables in sight.

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