Loog 3-String Pro Acoustic Guitar

Loog 3-String Pro Acoustic Guitar is a great 3 string acoustic guitar for kids. It is recommended for kids over 8 years old, but you can buy it for 6/7 years old children. This guitar’s award-wining 3 strings design allows children for a faster and easier learning process. It has an attractive design that attracts kids the most. I bought this guitar for my 7 years old son and gifted him this guitar on his birthday. He has a music interest. He was delighted when he received the guitar. The color of the guitar is so bright, and also this guitar sounds well.
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Top Material TypeSolid basswood
Body MaterialLaminated Basswood, Solid Basswood
Back Material TypeBasswood


The logo 3 Guitar was originally made for children aged 8+. The product is made by a local company called Logo 3. No accurate information about them has been found on the Internet! However, we have seen a lot of important information from the product arrow review section that will help you a lot about this product. They have expressed a lot of positives on guitar T Simper. They said that they are happy to give an excellent product to kids at this price.

The quality of the product is outstanding according to the cost of the product arrow. The baby is delighted to get it. Many good-quality materials like red/sky blue/yellow have been used to make the product. Basswood has been used for the most part. Back Material Type Basswood, a material type solid maple used as a fretboard that makes the guitar stand much stronger and more durable. So it can be a wonderful gift for your child. You can give it to your child as a birthday or as various festive gifts.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Easier and faster learning process.
  • Great beginner guitar.
    More significant bit & steel strings.
  • Made for the age of 8+
  • High-quality tune.
  • Only for 8+
  • Not for professional users.

Product description

This guitar is the best acoustic guitar for kids and beginners. This guitar is designed for children aged 4 years or younger, which is good enough for professionals. Playing the guitar is a difficult task for kids and newbies. But loog fixes it very easily, and our 3-string guitars cut the cords into primary triads for easy and quick learning. Due to this, the children can play and play songs with the help of a lug on the first day. Encourages kids and newcomers to continue playing and learning. Each log guitar uses the first three strings that are the exact string, the same melody, which is why you can easily apply what you learn in finger placement and luge to all types of 6-string guitars.

Lug guitars are fun, small, and beautiful, but they are not toys. They are made of natural wood and real instruments. Due to which these mediums project or publish lovely and beautiful words, Which makes this guitar incredible for its size and price. Playing a musical instrument helps kids and newcomers to benefit at almost every level. It enhances their creative thinking and cognitive skills and increases their ability to focus on new tasks. From the very beginning, children have been having fun and playing with Loog, the medium through which they are acquiring skills that will stay with them forever.


I bought LogPro Acoustic 3-String Red Guitar from the Amazon site as a birthday present for my 9-year-old son. I was very happy to get a small national guitar which is better than a toy. All apps were in a new box with instructions. I bought it to teach my 9-year-old guitar. The product on the Amazon site was Loog Mini Guitar, Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar, and Loog Pro VI Acoustic.

I took the Loog Pro Acoustic guitar. The packaging with the flashcard and two guitar picks in this nice cloth bag was also very nice. My son has just started playing. But it can be hard to play. Lug fixes this by lowering the 3-string guitar chords into the basic triad, making it easier to learn to play. The strings and fingerboards of the guitar were soft. Tolerable for kids. My son is very happy to get the guitar. It doesn’t sound like a good-quality concert guitar, though.


Loog lighthouse is suitable for kids. Kids can play it easily. The Loog app had videos and tuners that made it easy for my son to learn to play.I saw many online sites before buying this guitar. I also saw other sites besides Amazon, Walmart. I got a lot of good reviews of the product, and the rating was very good. The design and color of the guitar are very interesting. I liked the product a lot. And out of this fascinating feeling, I took this guitar. This guitar uses 3 strings which is a perfect 6 string guitar first 3.

Kids are good at learning to keep their hands on the sting easily. It has that string as metallic as the original guitar. This guitar is a suitable guitar for increasing finger power. The guitar is very comfortable for small hands. Adults also feel comfortable playing it. New apprentices can play it easily.


Ours came with 2 picks with the logo on them.

Hello. Turning green? I never heard of this, but please feel free to contact Loog’s support Thanks!

Its color quality is great.

29.53 x 9.21 x 2.4 inches

String number is 3.

Perfect acoustic guitar for kids 8+ years old.

Final description

Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar and the accompanying app for any child to play the guitar once the first day, their desire to play becomes stronger. This is a great feeling for the little rockers that keep them going. With Loog, children can learn very easily, have fun once they start playing, and once they learn to play the instrument, their skills will last forever.

The free Lug Guitar app has many options for playing music, such as a tuner, video lessons, and along with the songs, there are many tune books for learning to play which makes learning the guitar playing much easier. The Loog app offers an augmented reality that allows one to learn the guitar using a selfie camera. The 3-string neck makes the guitar more fun and makes it easier to play music. The thin neck of the guitar is suitable for small children’s hands.

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