Loog Pro Acoustic VI Guitar

Loog Pro Acoustic VI Guitar is an excellent guitar. It is mainly a build-up for beginners, and this guitar is for children more than 12 years old. The guitar’s compact size, slim and short neck has made this guitar more playable and gave the guitar an incredible look. It is made from natural woods, and this guitar’s weight is 4 pounds. Anyone can lift and hold this guitar easily. I also bought this guitar for my nephew on his birthday. He was very happy after receiving the guitar because he has an attraction to music. It is perfect for song writhing and good to play.
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Top Material TypeBasswood
Body MaterialWood
Back Material TypeBasswood


Logo Manufacturing Company makes the beautiful guitar above. We researched the product’s manufacturing company on the internet, but we have not found any significant information about the company. Find some information about the product. We have found some positive and important information from the product review session that will help you know about the product. Basswood Back Material has been used in red, white, black, yellow, and sky blue, making the guitar very attractive. The number of guitar arrow strings has been given as 6. After observing all these things, it can be said that guitars are very premium in terms of price, logo manufacturing companies make many more guitars and musical instruments like this, their products are very popular. Their products are served in all subjects. You can give your child a guitar as a beautiful and instructive gift.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Great quality and sound.
  • Apps and flashcards are fun and engaging.
  • Include Amp and guitar cable (free)
  • It’s for the age of 12+
  • Not for under the age of 12.
  • No left-handed option is available.

Product description

  • The Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar is a compact flashcard, low-scale acoustic guitar, and an app that teaches you free video lessons, AR, and music through games.
  • The guitar is the ultimate and reading experience for 12+-year-olds.
  • Short-scale neck, compact size, slim, and string action for advanced play.
  • Real Guitar: Real wood, perfect tones, and steel strings for a beautiful guitar sound.
  • Full of educational content: free video lessons, full access to Flashcard and Lug Guitar app with chord diagrams (iOS and Android).
  • Perfect for writing songs, good backpack guitar! Nice little guitar. Good for practice and small.
  • Great for all ages and beginners! This guitar is the best choice for beginners and older child-adult. It’s a nice size. Well built, nice sound.


LoogPro Acoustic 3-String Red Guitar is with White Pickguard. This guitar I bought from the Amazon site as a birthday present for my 9 years old son. I was very happy to get a small national guitar which is better than a toy. All app was in a new box with instructions. I bought it to teach my 9-year-old guitar. The product on the Amazon site was Loog Mini Guitar, Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar, and Loog Pro VI Acoustic. I took the Loog Pro Acoustic guitar. The packaging with the flashcard and two guitar picks in this nice cloth bag was also very nice. My son has just started playing. But it can be hard to play.

Lug fixes this by lowering the 3-string guitar chords into the basic triad, making it easier to learn to play. The strings and fingerboards of the guitar were soft. Tolerable for kids. My son is very happy to get the guitar. It doesn’t sound like a good-quality concert guitar, though.


Loog lighthouse is suitable for kids. Kids can play it easily. The Loog app had videos and tuners that made it easy for my son to learn to play. I saw many online sites before buying this guitar and I also saw other sites besides Amazon, Walmart. I got a lot of good reviews of the product, and the rating was very good. The design and color of the guitar are very interesting. I liked the product a lot. And out of this fascinating feeling, I took this guitar. This guitar uses 3 strings which is a perfect 6 string guitar first 3. Kids are good at learning to keep their hands on the sting easily. It has that string as metallic as the original guitar.

This guitar is a suitable guitar for increasing finger power. It is very comfortable for small hands. Adults also feel comfortable playing it. New apprentices can play it easily.


Scale: 22.8 “(578.0 mm)
Length: 33.4 “(849.0 mm)
Width: 11.4 “(289.0 mm)
Depth: 3.2 “(81.6 mm)
Weight: 4.0lbs (1.9kg)

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The quality of the guitar is very good in terms of money

The color quality is very nice.

Ultimate guitar-and-lesson experience for 12+-year-olds

Real wood, real guitar: perfect intonation and steel strings for a beautiful folk guitar sound.

Final description

The Log Pro AcousticVIGuitar will be a great musical instrument for the new one and a half. The guitar comes with an app that teaches you to play games and play the guitar, which can be used on App iOS, usually a special guitar for 12+ people. Very high-quality wood has been used in this musical instrument.

It will be a very good tool for those who want to be a very good instrumentalist from the very beginning. The accompanying app is designed so that if you follow the app well, you will be able to play high-quality musical instruments from the beginning. The guitar has a very light body, and the use of high-quality strings makes the melodies perfect.

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