LyxPro Electric Guitar 39"

LyxPro Electric Guitar 39″ Complete Beginner Starter kit Full Size is a perfect starter kit for beginners. You will get all the elements you need with this guitar. This package has a 20w Amp, Digital Tuner, Strings, Picks, Tremolo Bar, Shoulder Strap, and Case Bag colored Black. You dint have to buy a single thing from outside, a complete all-in-one package. The body material of this guitar is Wood, and the back material is phoenix wood. It is 16.28 pounds in weight, and the guitar is easy to lift and hold. Strings are made of Nickel String, and it also sounds great.
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Top Material TypeCanadian Maple
Body MaterialWood
Back Material TypePhoenix wood


The 36-inch beginner electric guitar and all complete equipment package are made by LyxPro Monthly & Sound Instrument Manufacturing Company.LyxPro started its journey in 2013 with the manufacture of musical instruments as well as many other types of electrical systems such as Speakers, Live Sound and Accessories, Mic Stands and Accessories, Cables, Headphones. LyxPro’s products are exported to various countries around the world. Their instruments are very popular because their products are very premium. LyxPro sells products made in various online marketplaces, and also sell all these products at retail and wholesale. You can contact them from their website.

They have some social media platforms where they market LyxPro products. LyxPro also have affiliate program systems, so you can do business with them by selling their products. The specialty has the advantage of having a live chat on its site. You can talk to them directly if you want. You can visit their website

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Perfect for beginner & intermediate learners.
  • Complete guitar set.
  • Integrated controls include gain, bass, treble volume & grid.
  • Digital Tuner & accessories.
  • All-in-one for Dummies is a Budding Musician’s Dream.
    100% Satisfied.
  • Some customers give their reviews its lower strings.
  • Not for kids & experts.

Product description

39 Inch Electric Guitar: The Perfect Plug-in Guitar features the most beautiful and premium Canadian maple neck and rosewood fingerboards, volume/tone, SS pickup, knobs, and many more.

Complete Guitar Set: Full-size guitar and all the accessories and equipment included in the Ultimate Starter package are needed to rock out of the box. It is a perfect choice for both beginners and intermediate players.

20 Watt Amplifier with Cable: The pack includes a headphone jack, built-in speakers, and AUX input with 20W Amp for playing music with an MP3 player or phone. Has bus, treble, volume, integrated control gain, and grind.

Digital Tuner and Accessories: With the help of the Digital Tuner Instruction Book and the battery-powered mini clip-on Tuner and its excellent sound quality, kids can easily tune their guitar. Comfortable shoulder strap and kit also comes with [6] steel string, [2] picks.


I bought this guitar for a 10-year-old boy. My son had an acoustic guitar before, but he was not interested in learning about electricity because he always wanted to know about it. My son loves guitar and is very interested in playing. He had an acoustic guitar before, but he was not interested in learning early with them because he always wanted to know electric and he loves guitar and is very interested in playing.
This guitar was shipped to Amazon very quickly. And the listed materials were intact.

I have sounded for 15 years, but at this price, it was not as expected, and I am glad that the product was outstanding in terms of price. I bought a lot of guitars, low priced guitars have a little problem. There were some problems I saw with my other guitars. It isn’t easy to tune because the tuning pegs often do not hold or are smooth enough. So I play very quickly and check the problems. Why not find the problem. It was easy to tune in. I played hard for about 20 minutes. And I played it again and tuned in. I didn’t find the problem. I have performed with the electrical part flawlessly. The amp is small in size, but it is big enough to play. The setting sounds a lot better, even for cheap amps. The product was well packed. Send me quickly.


All in all, it was far away and looked beautiful. The neck of the guitar is flat. I don’t have to adjust the truss rod. Start by measuring your string action at 12 feet. Start counting your string action and find beautiful places. Identify uneven metal freight and file them. Then use the steel wool of your choice with conditioner or lemon oil. The fretboard needs to be polished until it is shiny and smooth. Tune in and check the sound of the guitar. I would recommend this guitar to anyone who wants to learn new rock. This guitar is available in 9 collars on the Amazon site. This guitar is available in two variants, left hand and right hand.

Guitar’s top material is made of Canadian Maple, and the body material is Wood. I have seen many sales sites. This product arrow had good quality reviews on all sites. The review rating on Amazon 5 was 4.5, which was 6018. And Walmart has 916 reviews. You can take this product. I have been using the product for one year, but I have not got any wounds yet.


You are pure when you are at peace with the forces.

Yes, it works very well once tuned.

I ordered a blue amp kit instead of orange, got a blue amp kit.

If you know how to play chords, you can play that song.

It is a full-size guitar. I am a beginner and an adult and this is a great fit for me!

It’s like cherry wood, but if you read the description of the guitar, it should tell you there.

Final description

The LyxPro 39 “inch electric guitar is going to be a great guitar set for new rockers. Teachers and middle-aged youth especially prefer the guitar. Because its tunes are perfect, for this, the exterior feels very premium. You get all the instruments when you buy the guitar, so you don’t have to buy the rest separately.

The guitar cable comes with a 20-watt amplifier, headphone jack, built-in speaker, AUX input, volume, treble, integrated control gain, digital Tuner, and battery-powered battery to play songs simultaneously on the phone or MP3 player. -On Tuner, with which you can perform songs wherever you are. You can take this set with you when you go out with friends. The use of good quality strings results in less damage and lasts longer, and extra lines have also been used.

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