Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar, Black

Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar – it is a complete all-in-one guitar package. This package consists of a Black 38″ acoustic guitar with Case, Tuner, Pick, Extra Strings, and 2 months of Lessons. It is highly accessible, looks great, and feels fantastic. The acoustic guitar is made of 100% wood. This acoustic guitar is best for beginners and teenagers who want to learn guitar. I have purchased one for my 6 years old son. He was delighted after receiving the guitar, and then he started to join guitar classes.
If you want to buy this guitar, you don’t have to visit their official store to buy it. You can directly buy this guitar from our website without any trouble, and also, you will get a special discount from us. Also, It will both save you money & time.

BrandMartin Smith
Guitar Bridge SystemFixed
Number of Strings6


The Martin Guitar manufacturing Company was founded in 1833 in the United States. This company is based in America. Martin guitar is very popular and respected for their made guitars. They lead the way in making flat top Acoustic Guitar. They made many types of bass guitars, electric guitars, and mandolins in the past, but these are no longer in production.

The Martin Company’s headquarters is at Nazareth, and its primary factory is located in Pennsylvania. Listed as a National Historic Place registered in 2018, the museum has 167 guitars from the Martin Company. It’s called The Martin Guitar Museum. Their visitors can take a tour of their famous guitars and pictures of some of the famous guitarists, as well as take a tour of the factory. It can be said that the guitars made by their company are world-famous and very popular. The guitars they make are of very high quality, and also a lot of important information about the editor has been collected from the buyers from the review section. You can read their reviews from the reviews section.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Beginners & student-friendly.
  • Provides clear feedback to the player.
  • Good for kids.
  • Small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Product description

  • Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar has a dreadnought ergonomic body. And it has an attractive high gloss finish that gives you satisfaction while playing.
  • Metal, Gear-heads, and Steel Strings will make your tuning more accurate on this acoustic guitar, and your guitars will remain in tune for longer.
  • Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar has a Tuner that is easy to use and provides you with precise feedback. The acoustic guitar beginner kit is incomplete without a guitar tuner.
  • Looking for beginners, kids, or adults. It will be the best choice for you. Guitar Strap will help those looking to stand while they play and give you a different playing style.
  • This guitar’s Plectrums & Gig Bag makes it easy to transport.


You can buy Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar for the best guitar. The best guitar I have ever seen. Although the price of the guitar is low, its quality is much better. I bought this guitar after seeing my friend’s guitar. I got a lot of likes after seeing my friend’s guitar. And I bought the product with suggestions from him. The guitar is my favorite. The sound of the guitar gives me a lot of pleasure.

The sound of the guitar makes any person feel good. I sit down with the guitar and play it whenever I’m upset, and I feel better. I saw the review before I bought the guitar. Most of the reviews are very good. There is no impurity in it. So I bought the guitar. Its price is within reach at once. Finally, if you are looking for acoustic Guitar or Black Acoustic Guitar, or Guitar Acoustic Guitar, Martin Smith W38BK Acoustic Guitar is for you.

This item is about the acoustic guitar: The Martin Smith acoustic guitar measures 38 inches, has an amazing ergonomic body designed for play and also has an attractive high gloss finish. Metal Gear-Heads and Steel Strings: Designed to make tuning your guitar easier, the metal gearheads of this guitar will make your tuning more precise, and also the steel strings will ensure that your guitar will stay in tune for a much longer time. With the guitar, you will get everything you need. It is a beautiful guitar to play.


They give you everything you need. The quality of the strings is great. You can easily replace them. You will be satisfied if you know how to play the guitar. Everyone will love the beauty of the guitar. It is beautiful as well as it sounds nice. It is very well put together and comfortable to hold and play. You can also buy it. If you think about the price of the guitar, the price is much lower. This guitar has everything. Everything is of high quality.

This handmade guitar is beautiful to look at, made with elegant finishing. That will fascinate you. It is wonderful. This guitar attracts everyone. A classic acoustic guitar shape for a comfortable experience, equally suitable for teenagers and adults. This guitar will help you a lot if you want to learn something good. I hope this will impress you and you will like it a lot. I hope this guitar becomes your favorite. You can see by buying the guitar.


The strap is attached to the button at the beginning of the guitar and then tied to the neck just above the nut with some strings.

It was a gift, but a card was included in the package for online access to the lessons.

No! I am a 37-year-old woman, and it is perfect.

I think you rested to get it in your left hand, but I never did it

Final description

Additionally, the Martin Smith – 38 guitar is made entirely of wood and has 19 frets, giving sound perfectly warm and complete form. The gearheads are made entirely of metal which creates a more accurate tune, and also the steel strings ensure that the acoustic guitar will hold the tune longer.

All the acoustic guitar package accessories ensure that it is an ideal kids’ guitar or a beginner acoustic guitar kit. All instruments are provided with the guitar. This is a must-have for any budding guitarist, as strings like any new guitar can take a while to settle down. The whole meaning of the clip-on tuner is that anyone can maintain the tune in seconds.

Finally, the items in this guitar package are specially made for your convenience. The bag is much lighter when there is complete equipment, making it much easier to carry the guitar. Here are separate strings so that you can also change them. Platforms, straps, and pitch pipes are all provided for comfort so that your playing will be perfect.

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