Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR

Toner presents you with a T20 high-grade Microphone suspension with a boom scissor arm stand. The T20 Arm body is fully material steel. Weight 1.8lbs is lightweight. You can rotate 360⁰ with 180⁰ maximum adjustments angle of the stand that’s helpful for you to podcast and record. High quality & super tension springs increase 80% capacity, and it gives you no vibration noise during use. It also includes high-grade steel rods, pos filters that are very helpful to recording. Four cable ties help to remove the chaos of the wires. This is a really good solution when you are on a budget. TONOR products come at a good and cheaper price. So you can take this product for better performance.


This Microphone Arm Stand, TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand, is made by TONOR Manufacturer Company. TONOR Manufacturing Company was founded by Kevin Richards, a singer-songwriter. I searched TONOR’s official website and tried to find and present a lot of important information about their products. TONOR makes a wide variety of microphones and accessories. TONOR makes a wide variety of microphones and accessories. Their products include USB Microphones, XLR Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Karaoke Machines, Accessories, Ring Light. TONOR provides various types of support such as Product FAQs, Return Policy, Warranty, Shipping Policy, Warranty extension. You can take advantage of their support email as well as their social media with them. 

By updating and marketing their products on various social media. You can follow their social media from where you can buy their products and take advantage of their support. TONOR’s social media is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. For your convenience, a link to TONOR’s official website has been provided. You can visit their website through this link http://www.tonormic.com.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Super strong hinges.
  • Solid build construction.
  • Blue Yeti or another heavy condenser can easily hold the weight of the mic.
  • With a large clamp opening at the bottom.
  • Including Heavy Duty Construction.
  • Upgrade desk clamp.
  • It has universal compatibility capabilities.
  • Very flexible adjustment.
  • Complete all-in-one package.
  • The extensive design would be better if it offered stability.
  • If you don’t set up well, you won’t get good results. So be careful.

Product description

Heavy-duty construction: It is made of steel for which very durable T20 for outstanding bearing capacity. This can carry a load of up to 4lbs / 1.8kg maximum.

Upgraded desk clamp: Large contact area has 4 times the desk clamp so that up to 2.4 ” / 60mm thick, can be easily clipped on any desk. In addition, it is very nicely integrated into the headset hook desk clamp.

Universal compatibility: Comes with a standard 3/8 “to 5/8” adapter and T20 different shock mounts for microphones. (Note: Shock mounts and microphones are not included.

Flexible adjustment: You can easily adjust it to get the best pickup. It offers a 700mm horizontal/vertical distance with 360 ° full rotation.

All-in-one: 1 x manual, 1 x foam cover, 4 x cable tie, 1 x pop filter, 1 x mic clip, 1 x 3/8 “to 5/8” adapter, 1 x desk clamp, 1 x boom arm .

Heavy Duty Clamp (T20) upgraded for other mics. Toner Adjustable Suspension Boom Caesar Mic Stand with Pop Filter, Blue Yeti Nano Snowball Ice, 3/8 “to 5/8” Adapter, Mic Clip, and Microphone Arm Stand.

Max. horizontal/vertical Length27.6″/700mm37.0″/940mm
Rotation angle360°360°
Maximum support weight4lbs/1.8kg4.4lbs/2.0kg


You need a good microphone for recording. TONOR Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Mic Stand is with Pop Filter 3/8″ to 5/8″ Adapter Mic Clip. Upgraded Heavy Duty Clamp for Blue Yeti Nano Snowball Ice and Other Mics T20 You can use the microphone. I do video recording for youtube. So I needed a good microphone. I got the microphone after searching for many days. Many people have told me about this microphone. At first, I did not believe it. Because I’ve used a lot of microphones before, but they weren’t much better. After using the product, I realized that the product was the best for me. It’s much better than the microphone I wanted. I make a lot of good videos using it. Those words are very good. There is no problem.

After watching the videos, many people want to know about the microphone. I told everyone about the microphone. Many people bought the microphone and sent me pictures. Everyone told me about the product. It was great for everyone.


The microphone is incomparable for good video performance. It was great for me. If the microphone falls out of hand, nothing will happen. The desk clamp has 4 times larger contact area for easy clipping on any desk up to 2.4 ” / 60mm thick. You can easily adjust the microphone to get the best pickup. The musical set and the compact size of the microphone make it ideal for close-up recording. A convenient protects your mini microphone and allows for quick setup and safe transportation. Your audio accessory includes a set of keys and briefcase-style locks to add security. This seven microphones wired drum kit from Pyle Pro has everything you need to record your drums in isolation for a full powerful sound. 

Listen to applause rings, snare drums and kick drum booms, all with independent mic. Uses the standard XLR connector. Includes windscreen and carrying case. I have seen several reviews about this microphone. Those were pretty good. If you want a microphone for good quality and good sound, this is perfect for you. You can buy the microphone.


You can invert the part holding the microphone up or down to use as you like.

The stand desk clamp can be adjusted and can be clipped to the desk with a maximum thickness of 6 cm.

Probably trying to get your hands dirty for more excitement? I was perfect.

Yes with the right adapter. I have exactly what.

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Final description

TONOR’s Adjustable Suspension Boom Caesar Mike has a mic stand designed for both adjustable and portable. The TONOR mic stand has a 3-way height adjustment, all-metal construction, and a foldable design for easy storage. The stand includes a capacity of 5 pounds and a carrying bag. This adjustable suspension stand is made especially for those who play games and live stream or keep their words in mind.

Because it is adjustable, it can be moved in different ways or at different angles. Due to the large suspension, it is very easy to rotate the different ends of the table. Because the springs attached to it are very stiff, it can stay in place even after installing a lot of heavy microphones. The stand is usually attached to the table. The use of good-quality pop filters ensures that the words reach the recordings correctly. This adjustable stand is very popular in the market as it can record perfect sound.


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