Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker

If you are looking for a high-quality wireless Bluetooth karaoke machine then Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker will be the right choice for you. It has 540W Peak Power Bluetooth 5.0 Karaoke System-PA Stereo and with 10″ Subwoofer, It has also DJ Lights,2 Microphones, a Tablet Holder. This is a rechargeable wireless karaoke. you can record voice and you can use MP3/USB/SD to operate it. It is worth mentioning that its aggressive design, lighting has made it very attractive. And because of the use of high-quality technology and instruments, the sound quality is much better. Click the button below to purchase this Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker. Or if you want to know more about this Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker, you can follow the content below.


This Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker is manufactured by Moukey Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. We searched the internet and many sites about Moukey Manufacturing Company but we did not find any clear information about their low, water. Which will inform you about Moukey or reveal their identity. Their products are sold in various online marketplaces around the world.Their products are well known all over the world due to their excellent manufacturing quality. But still, we followed the product review section and from there we saw the buyer’s opinion about the product later.

They have expressed different opinions about the product which highlights the manufacturing quality of the product. If you want you can visit the product review section. Click on our product link to see the review section. Customer reviews will help you understand the manufacturing quality of the product. And you can make your decision based on that review.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Superior High-Fidelity Wireless Sound, Anywhere with Powerful & Ultra-Portable.
  • This Portable PA Amplifier Speaker System is equipped with a Multi-functional PA system.
  • Highly restored karaoke scene. One-click to eliminate the original vocals.
  • The powerful rechargeable battery. 
  • Built-in Wireless Connection. Bluetooth, Micro TF card, and Flash USB connectivity.
  • Dual VHF Wireless Microphone.
  • Color lights make it look beautiful.
  • Direct and simple multi-function console.
  • The tablet is not included.
  • Dual VHF Wireless Microphone is not Included 2*AA Battery.

Product description

Multi-functional PA system: 3 ” Twitter full range stereo sound for reproduction with an audio connection cable and peak power 160 watt 10 inch subwoofer. , Will act as music player, party, karaoke, FM radio etc. which is very perfect and suitable for gathering, speech outdoor and indoor activities.

Powerful PA system: Powerful anti-interference and super noise reduction capabilities ensure that you get clear, clear and loud sound. With 3 ” Twitter and 10 ” Ufar, it can enhance your voice more beautifully, stream songs or play radio. And it doesn’t distort audio even at high volume. With an active subwoofer and a powerful stereo sound, it can easily amplify higher and lower bus frequencies in a beautiful and perfect way.

One-Click Elimination of Original Voice: Allows you to show scenes of your great songs, highly recovered karaoke in your music. You can learn beautiful songs through it without vocals as a backup. The bright LED lights on the speakers can change many beautiful colors with the beat of music, and both will illuminate and shake your room. And you can turn the lights on and off as you wish.

Powerful rechargeable battery: It has a powerful rechargeable battery which can give you long lasting non-stop beautiful music even in its largest volume. Which means you can rock out your favorite jams without a restricted cord and serve it everywhere, whether it’s an indoor dance or an outdoor gathering. 

Play via TF Card or Bluetooth or USB: The product has a very high quality built-in wireless connection for audio streaming. It easily supports Flash USB and Micro TF card connection with your favorite devices like iPhone, Tablet, Android Mobile Phone, PC. It works easily.


Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker This product is of very high quality. I bought it for my office party a few days ago. Moukey Karaoke Machine is very good. I didn’t realize beforehand that it would be so good. My party has been very good for this. Everyone has appreciated it a lot. 

I can give some information about this:

1) I mean true RMS watts, it’s about 40-80 watts RMS. A small backyard karaoke or lots of loud for a concert.

2) Wireless microphones work great, but they’re very sensitive, so don’t turn off or distort if you sing loudly !! Also, they are on the same channel, so they don’t have independent volume control for each mic.

3) Echo is perfect, just a nice slap-back, perfect for almost any music … just don’t use too much or it may seem slim. Oh, and it only affects the microphone, not the background music.

4) Bass and Treble controls only control the music volume, not the microphone, which is exactly because the mic sounds great, and this way you can crank the bass on your music track without disturbing the mic sound 🙂

5) Bluetooth connects well, sounds good and is paired.

6) The battery lasts about 2-3 hours when using the system at full volume. I imagine it lasts much longer when used at low volume.

7) My daughter likes small disco lights, but I don’t think it’s suitable for my real concert 😉

I can tell who will not cheat if you buy Moukey Karaoke Machine. I like the product a lot. Some of my office staff also bought it, they also told me a lot about it. I would advise you to buy the product because the product is much better.


Yes, you can connect a wired microphone, but the volume may not be so loud.

The total peak power of this amplifier is 540W, and the maximum single channel is 110W.

Yes 2 mic connect with Bluetooth awesome sound! You can add plug-in mics. 4 at once! Plug-in mics can’t control sound, but Bluetooth mics have control sound (I like, like, loud!)

If you do not want to run the lights, you can turn them off.

My machine is new, I’m still learning but I know it only echoes your voice in Bluetooth MICS.

No one has a subscription, I use YouTube and I believe you have some great options that you can use your cell.

Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that its sound can be difficult to reach the level of a professional guitar speaker. If you have a high level of technical requirements for guitar vocals, I suggest you choose a pro guitar speaker.

Yes, it is loud enough to be used in a parade.

Final description

Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker is a great choice for those who want to experience the joy of singing karaoke. The unit has a 540-watt peak power and is Bluetooth enabled for easy use. The unit has two microphones and a tablet holder so you can enjoy karaoke with friends. This unit is rechargeable and can be used as a home theater system as well.

It is a wireless karaoke machine that is designed to deliver a true sound experience. It has a speaker with a capacity of 540W peak power and a 5.0 Bluetooth connection. The speaker is designed to provide high-quality sound and allow for more people to sing at the same time. There are two wheels at the bottom of the speaker so you can move the speaker anywhere. The speaker can run for 1 to 3 hours on a full charge, in which case you need to keep it charged for longer.

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