WINZZ 39 Inches Cutaway Nylon-string Classical Electric Guitar Build-in Pickup Kit Set Online Lessons.

WINZZ 39 Inches Cutaway Nylon-string Classical Electric Guitar. It is one of the best classical electric guitars I have ever used. Basically, I am a musician, I have used this guitar, and it sounds excellent. This guitar has a beautiful look. It is very easy to use for both beginners and experts. I have bought This guitar from their official showroom. I learned about this guitar when I visited their official store. Its attractive look and optimistic sound quality made me buy this guitar. Before purchasing this, I played the guitar at their shop. It sounded so natural and charming.

After that, I bought this guitar. It is so light to lift and hold. If you want to buy this guitar, you don’t have to visit their official store to buy it. Finally, You can directly buy this WINZZ 39 Inches Cutaway Nylon-string Classical Electric Guitar from our website without any trouble, and also, you will get a special discount from us. We will both save your time and money.


This beautiful and awesome guitar made by Aileen Music instrument manufacturing company.

Aileen Music is a world-renowned company in the field of musical instruments.

Mrs. Aileen Gu on started her musical business in 1993 and Nanjing Aileen Trading Company Limited was established in 2005.

Their products are always of good quality as they use a lot of high-quality materials and also do a lot of research in making each product. They used a lot of high quality materials to make this guitar and they also tried to make a lot of high quality waves.

Another important thing is that they try to make these products in such a way that the products are very long lasting. According to a 2018 study, Aileen Music is the 225th musical instrument maker company in the world. From 2014 to 19, the company named and honored the local government company as the largest musical instrument manufacturer and exporter.

Pros & Cons:


• Classical cutaway body shape featuring Sapele top.

• Excellent sound quality and wide range expression.

• Nylon Strings and 4 Band equalizer (EQ).

• Great Guitar for beginners. 

• Wide fingerboard.

• Really best value for the price.


• Poor workmanship.

• Best for the beginners and students, not for experts.

• No Lefties available for the same style (Classical, Cutaway).

Product description:

1 .Electric Acoustic Guitar that has Classical cutaway (CE) body shape made out of solid basswood for the top, back, and also side plus hard maple for the neck, head, and fretboard.

2. It has a 4-band equalizer EQ and nylon strings and the neck of the acoustic Electric Guitar guitar is very wide so the strings are easy to separate.

3. Make your ears fall in love with this awesome elegant and wide range expression sound.

4. A perfect and awesome choice for the beginner, traveler and student players alike.

5. The WINZZ 36 Inches 3/4 Size Nylon-string Classical Electric Guitar full kit includes a gig carrying bag, cleaning cloth, a digital tuner, wrench, and cable.


Electric WINZZ classical and nylon-string guitar is very good. Its volume is at its highest volume, and it sounds very good. If you listen to its volume, you will also go after volume and love. This sound will sound much better in your ears. So far everyone who has bought this product has said it is very good, so I bought the product. After buying it I feel like I bought the guitar and I won. If you look at the review of the guitar, you will see that most of the people have given good feedback. It is good to see this guitar. Also loud in terms of volume. The guitar seemed the best to me.

If you are looking for WINZZ classical and nylon-string guitars or classical and nylon-string guitars, people say the guitar is better than expected.

Which is what our customers mention

 This is a very good way to be attractive with interesting features like:

Words: elegant, and wide range of expressions,

Sapphire plywood top, back and side with classical cutway (CE) body shape

dp Classical and nylon-string guitar – featuring a 4-band equalizer EQ and nylon string

. Get more information on this product from the DP Details page

WINZZ 39 Inches Cutaway Nylon guitar is so beautiful to look at. The jumbo freight has a sideway, the neck is very big so the strings are easy to separate and the sound can be heard very loudly. At first I thought it was very good quality. A good quality product at this price. I bought this product on Amazon.

The guitar is made by Body Material Sapele and Neck Material NATO Wood and also It is available in Glossy-Brown color. Couldn’t believe a nylon guitar would sound. It’s much bigger and heavier than other classical guitars.


Question: Is the truss rod one way or two ways?

Answer: Truss rod two ways

Question: How do you turn off the battery in a guitar pickup if you don’t want to use an amp? The battery runs out.

Answer: Unplug the lead from the guitar. Guitar Amp turns on automatically when plugged in and off when unplugged.

Question: Which leftie is available in this same style?

Answer: No.

Question: 39 ec What is considered the full size for a classical guitar?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it for left-handed students?

Answer: No, it is in the right hand.

Question: The overall length is 39 ec but what is the length of the neck scale?

Answer: The length of the scale is 25.7 ec

Question: Does it have a 1/4 jack output (so I can play it with Rocksmith)?

Answer: It has a standard electric guitar female receptive.

Question: It’s a plywood guitar, so, does it play very cheap ??

Answer: It plays great, the production has worked very hard to make a good product. . As well as the tune, I’m very happy!

Question: Is it good for 6 years?

Answer: My 6 year old likes him. He’s not taking lessons, just playing with them from time to time, and Good size for a 6 year old. It didn’t come with anything extra just a guitar

Question: It’s an all-playwood guitar, so, does it play well or play very cheap?

Answer: Has worked very hard to create a good product. The sound is very good. As well as the tune, I’m very happy!

Question: what is the quality of purdah compared to money

Answer: Very good purdah quality is very good

Question: Comfortable fill will be available ?

Answer: yes 100%


The WINZZ AC 39 CE is basically an acoustic Electric Guitar, measuring 39 inches. The guitar is one of the most important musical instruments in the world today. Since the guitar is a complete musical instrument, there is a lot of demand for it in the market. WINZZ AC is a very good quality guitar, especially for those who are new to the world of music. This is why all teachers put it at number 1 of choice.

The guitar has been given a traditional natural eye-catching finish and a basic classic cutaway body. If made in special design with 4-band equalizer.

The guitar contains: – 

*Nylon string

*Carrying bag

*Clean clothes

*Digital tuner


The strings are made of a nylon core with silver plated wire wound, but not steel string, without any damage to the finger and for the most part, it is the most ideal craft aspect of a classical guitar.

It has been developed for use by hand and available in different colors in the market, but Glossy-Brown is the most popular. WINZZ guitars are available in various designs of names such as WINZZ AC, ACM-H10, AF168C, AF-HE00LC-BKG, AF86C-DBL-41, AF227-BKD.

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