Portable Karaoke Machine - SINGSATION Star Burst

Take your karaoke experience to the next level with the SINGSATION Star Burst Portable Karaoke System. This system comes with two microphones and a portable device with a built-in speaker and LCD screen. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favorite songs from your smartphone or tablet and sing along. The device has a rechargeable battery and can play for up to four hours on a single charge. The SINGSATION Star Burst Portable Karaoke System is great for all ages and is a great addition to any party. If you would like to purchase this karaoke, click on the button below and read the text below to know more about this product.


The manufacturer of this Portable Karaoke Machine is SINGSATION Portable Karaoke Manufacturing Company.  This company has been producing various types of instruments for the last 25 years. SINGSATION originates from a weekly half-hour event. SINGSATION manufactures its products using high-quality materials and modern technology which is why the products are of high quality and are preferred by buyers.

We searched the SINGSATION official site and found that they were manufacturing a wide range of products and selling them through their site. To communicate with them, various social media links are provided on their site such as Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. You can follow them through all those social media. We have no option but to have a live chat with them on their website. Also, their site support services are of very low quality! To communicate with them on their email address and on their social media.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Pair to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth easily.
  • Works with all your favorite karaoke apps.
  • Have your own concert with 10 room-filling light functions such as party, pulse, breath, chase, and more.
  • 5 professional-quality voice effects.
  • 6 sound effects to make your performance greatest.
  • All-in-one party karaoke system.
  • The two microphones permit you to sing solo or as a duet to double your fun.
  • There are 2 ways to connect.
  • No CDs to purchase/buy.
  • Operating this microphone system except license is subject to particular restrictions. Although most users do not require a license to operate.

Product description

Pair with any of your phones or tablets via Bluetooth and sing your favorite music or YouTube karaoke videos; it works very easily with all your favorite karaoke apps; and there are no CDs to buy. Turn on or off the volume of any phone or tablet completely!)

Light Effects: Put on your own concert with front LED light show, retro and room – and light globe-effect with 10 rooms – easily complete with light functions like pulse, party, breath, chase and more.

Voice effects: Get your quality voice effects with Baritone, 5 professionals – Echo, Alien and more.

Sound Effects: Here are 6 more sound effects to make your performance fun. (E.g. cheers, air horn, applause and more)

Single or duet song with this portable karaoke machine (you can sing alone or with your partner whenever you like and it includes 2 mic)


This portable SPKA25 karaoke machine is a really great karaoke machine. We were hosting a beautiful Halloween party for our girls’ dance troupe, and there we needed a new karaoke machine to handle our planned activities. So I bought them because we needed lights for the song at our party, and they were made in this model. It was very easy to set up from the Ananya Karaoke machine. Also, this SPKA25 karaoke machine is a great sound pack and it comes with 2 microphones.

My girls really had a blast using it, especially since it comes with 2 microphones capable of double singing. Its lights really gave us a much brighter and more colorful light than we expected. Also, the SPKA25 karaoke machine had enough volume when we turned it on. I made sure that my phone’s volume turned on just like the manual and it really sounded so loud that I forced my kids to take it to another room. And they enjoyed this PKA25 karaoke machine a lot at the party. I would say it is by far the most beautiful in my opinion. It has another unique feature that can change the voice, add sound effects and change the color and pattern of light.


The two microphones on the SPKA25 karaoke machine work really well and well, but I thought Bluetooth was for the mic as well. But its voice changer was very funny, and its words were very interesting. The audio of this karaoke machine was good enough to party in a house. My daughters now spend hours singing because they use their phone app to control their Mao songs with them. They especially enjoyed it through a number of sound effects and I was amazed to see them laugh so much while enjoying this karaoke machine.

And that was a lot of fun. This PKA25 karaoke machine is the best karaoke machine I have ever seen. In terms of price, I don’t think any of these karaoke machines have been built or made except for the SPKA25 karaoke machine. It is the only product that is unique to all karaoke machines. So I think since I have been using it for a long time I can say from my infancy that if you need a karaoke machine, you can buy this SPKA25 karaoke machine without any further ado.


No, this speaker cannot be connected to any other speaker, only an audio device like a phone or tablet.

Like, it has an engraved handle on the back, so you can put your finger in there and a thumb on top and then carry it from one place to another very easily.

No, Singsation Starburst is in no way designed for use with a USB flash drive. Simply you can easily connect a Bluetooth audio device like or through a smartphone or tablet or you can physically connect an audio device directly to it with a 3.5mm AUX input.

You can either play the song using any of your smart phones or you can use your TV if you have smart TV or mirroring service. There are plenty of karaoke apps out there for you to use. Unfortunately this unit does not have a screen to display those songs.

It’s just a karaoke machine and the front lights that are in it are just for your entertainment. And these lights will flash in different patterns

Yes. You can easily use it as a speaker and microphone without any music.

Final description

This portable karaoke machine is the perfect choice for all of your singing needs. It comes with two microphones, so you can sing duets with your friends. It also has a room-filling light show, so you can get all the partygoers involved. This machine has a retro light panel, so you can get that authentic karaoke experience. The system also comes with a songbook with 100 of the most popular songs in it. You can also use this machine with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

In a world where people can’t get enough of their favorite tunes, there’s a need for a way to experience them anytime, anywhere. Portable Karaoke Machines like the SINGSATION Star Burst System can help. It also has a retro light panel that’s sure to make you feel like you’re on stage! The system is perfect for parties, camping trips, and family vacations.

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