PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece Wired Microphone

PYLE pro wired drum kit gives you a seven-piece microphone that you need to record your drums discretely with full and powerful sound. Actually, it is a compact drum microphone for close and precise recording microphones that include the ring of the cymbals, the punch of the snares all with independent mics. Get a high-performance microphone this is specially made for low-end punch, flat response mics ideal for overhead and cymbal reproduction. It also includes a set drum mount which you can use on most standard drum rims. Get also windscreens and carrying case with Pyle pro seven microphones wired drum kit. This is specifically designed to capture a  specific sound and any set of drums or other musical instruments. and also bass drums and low-frequency musical instruments.

Connector Type Standard XLR
Connectivity Technology  Wired


This microphone setup was made by  PYLE USA  manufacture company. The PYLE Company was founded in the 1960s. PYLE was originally established as a woofer and subwoofer. The speakers they made were very popular. It made good quality speakers for various types of car audio, marine audio, Privet car audio, etc. in the ’20s. This microphone is currently one of their favorite sound system instrument huts. We have visited the official website of PYLE USA Company and after searching, their special information has been presented in detail on our website. All categories of products manufactured by PYLE USA include an amplifier, microphone, car audio, speaker, megaphone, turntable, mixer, vehicle subwoofer, etc.

They carry a warranty service for each of their products. You can contact them at website. You can also follow them on social media using various social media platforms to update and update PYLE USA. PYLE USA uses social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. If you want you can purchase the product of your choice from their website, PYLE USA issues different types of MasterCard for their payment. And you can contact them on their website or on their social media in case of overall collaboration or need!

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Each microphone is high-performance.  The microphone piece is tuned to capture everything from low-end punch to sensitive/flat sound.
  • The compact size of the microphones makes them ideal for close-up recording.
  • It is very compact and versatile.
  • This microphone set is specially designed for drums or another musical set.
  • The microphone in each instrument is designed to be compatible with all types of microphone stands.
  • Its drum mount is also universal and can be attached to most drum rims.
  • Pyle microphone can be set up quickly and transported safely.
  • A convenient and convenient carry case protects your mini microphone.
  • To add security to the audio accessory, a set of key and briefcase-style locks are included.
  • This product is of great quality, but There have been some complaints from Amazon customers about the quality of this product.
  • Mic clips can lose their grip on plastic and drums and may not hold the mic well.
  • There is also controversy over the built material.

Product description

High Performance: PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece Wired Microphone is beautifully tuned to capture everything from the low-end punch to the sensitive and flat sound of each microphone piece. And for the low-frequency instrument and the big drum microphone are beautifully designed for the bass drum. The overhead condenser mic is a symbol and the small drum mic is made for Tom and Snyder drums and for piano and vocals.

Compact and versatile: This instrumental microphone kit from Pile Pro is designed for other musical sets or drums. And the compact size of the microphones makes them perfect and ideal for close-up recording.

Compatibility: Each instrument microphone standard thread is 3/8 “or 5/8” is beautifully designed to match any type of microphone stand. This is why most drum rims and drum mounts can be easily attached to the universal. All mics are compatible with the standard XLR connector in a very nice and perfect way to allow compatibility with most audio devices.

Convenient Carry Case: Lightweight carry case and a handy case that protects your mini microphones and is perfect for quick setup and safe transportation. Includes briefcase-style locks and a key set to add security to your audio accessories.

Inclusion: 4 small drum mic, a large drum mic, 4 thread clips, 2 condenser mic with holder and 4 clamps for snare/tom mic, thread insertion, and nice 2 windscreens for condenser mic.


Do you want a good microphone? If you want a microphone for good sound. You get very good sound quality in this microphone. If you have a microphone, you know how much it works for you. I have a band team, I need a lot of microphones for this. And I have a lot of experience on top of the microphone. I used some microphones. Some of them had problems. But there is no problem. Tuned to capture everything up to sensitive/flat sound. 


Compact and versatile: This instrumental microphone kit from Pile Pro is designed for drum or other musical sets, and the compact size of the microphones makes it ideal for close-up recording. . Your audio accessory includes a set of keys and briefcase-style locks to add security.  Listen to applause rings, snare drums and kick drum booms, all with independent mic.  Uses the standard XLR connector. Includes windscreen and carrying case. I have seen several reviews about this microphone. Those were pretty good. If you want a microphone for good quality and good sound, this is perfect for you.


Yes, the mic comes with a box.

You need to get their phantom power through your interface. Google 48v Phantom Power. This will answer your question. Just need to dig a little.

As others have said, the wires are not included. I bought a six-pack of colored GLS audio XLR cables and then added another unit. These mics have been excellent so far.

Phantom is required to operate two overhead condenser mic. No need for the other five mics

Sorry, but it was purchased as a gift … the recipient really liked it and used it for recording.

Actually you will need 2 short boom stands and 1 long boom stand.

Final description

Pyle-PRO Pyle 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Kit-Kick Bass – This seven-microphone wired drum kit has everything you need to record your drums separately for complete, powerful sound. Listen to the snare clap ring and kick drum boom, all with an independent mic.  It comes with a set that can be used on most standard drum rims. Includes using standard XLR connector, windscreen, and carrying case.

Used to maximize performance, each model emits a microphone device specifically designed to capture a specific sound. . This microphone is specially tuned to capture low-end punches, which is a good thing. The small drum microphone makes it ideal for tom-toms and snares drums. A condenser microphone is great for recording and reproducing clap, piano, and vocal sounds. This microphone is sensitive and capable of capturing flat responses.

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