Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden Ukelele Kit

Ranch Concert Ukulele 23″ Professional Wooden Ukelele Kit is one of the best ukuleles available in the market. It is not just a ukulele; it’s an all-in-one ukulele set. This ukulele set comes with a UK-23 concert ukulele, travel zip-up gig bag, electric tuner, replacement strings, shoulder strap, soft cloths, picks, and basic cords. In fact, you don’t have to buy a single accessory from outside if you buy this package. Again this Ukulele gives you a clean, fantastic sound and crafted artwork. It is also easy to play and easy to tune.

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Size23 inch
Item Dimensions LxWxH24.21 x 8.31 x 2.72 inches


Ranch Guitar Manufacturing Company makes this Ukulele,  and the company was initially founded in 1993 to manufacture guitar parts. Ranch Guitar Manufacturing Company is based in California, USA. They also used to make quality parts in the past so that they could purchase very easily. The Ukulele made by them is of excellent quality. They have skilled craftsmen and advanced technology. Their Ukulele was so popular because of its high-quality materials and skilled craftsmen. Due to the popularity of the Ukulele, their Ukulele is easily available in various online marketplaces. We tried to visit their website, but due to some technical glitches, we failed to search there. We did not find any option to contact them. The Ranch Guitar manufacturer’s company could not find any social media platform where it would be possible to communicate with them. We sincerely apologize for not providing detailed information about Ranch Guitar Manufacturing Company.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Prepared everything for a beginner you need.

  • Clean and fantastic sound quality.

  • A crafted artwork.

  • Easy to play.

  • An excellent gift for Birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, graduation and more.

  • The Digital tuner is easy to tune and play.

  • Complete concert Ukulele set.

  • All-in-one Ukulele kit.

  • Replacement Aquila strings.

  • Not for under the age of 3.

  • Not recommended for professional users.

  • The strings and pegs may improve.

Product description

Easy to tune: Chrome die-cast tuning pegs keep Eucalyptus in tune! The tuner is easy to tune and play. It’s very simple, stays in tune longer than usual outside the box and offers a bright and unique tone whether you are alone or jamming with friends.

Clean Amazing Sound: The Acoustic Concert Eucalyptus Arched Back is a complete, intense, lasting, w and a little deep woody tone sound that is a pleasure to hear! Being smooth and soft enough to touch the Aquila strings must help resonate the sound that comes out of it quite sweet and clear.

Complete Concert Eucalyptus Set: Here’s what you need for a single concert: 1x Ranch UK-23 Concert uke 1x 10mm Well padded gig bag, 1x digital tuner with battery, 1x Aquila string straps, 4 extra sets, 1x microfiber Polishing cloths. We have prepared everything you need for a beginner!


Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden Ukelele Kit with Free Online Lessons, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Aquila Strings Set, Small Starter Hawaiian Guitar Instrument Bundle, Ukalalee, The quality of the guitar is excellent. This guitar is perfect for small children. Because it is very good to see, and the sound is very sweet. Kids are very happy with the guitar. Kids have a lot of fun catching and playing the guitar as it is small. The guitar has a very beautiful design. The kids like it a lot. I bought this guitar for my baby. I was fascinated by my baby’s guitar. He used to wear my guitar all the time.

So I ordered this guitar for him. He plays this guitar all the time. Now he doesn’t take my guitar anymore. In between, he could make some nice words. It gives a lot with the guitar that is needed. The string quality is excellent, you can easily replace the kids. You can buy it. When you think about the price of a guitar, the price is much lower.


This guitar has everything. Everything is of high quality. This hand-made guitar is much better at finishing. That will impress you. It is gorgeous which attracts everyone. I hope this is very good for your child. And your baby will love it. You will not be deceived if you buy the guitar. Your child will be very happy if you buy the guitar. It will not irritate you in any subject. You can see there are some good reviews. I still have no problem with the guitar.

Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden Ukelele is a complete set with Free Online Lessons, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Aquila Strings Set, Small Starter Hawaiian Guitar Instrument Bundle. This Ukulele is perfect for kids for a comfortable experience. This guitar will help you a lot if you teach your child something good. I hope this will impress you and you will like it a lot. And your kids will love the guitar. The guitar is really good and beautiful.


Yes, the bag is lightly padded.

Yes, it is. And the string comes with an extra set.

The strings are made of nylon, so it will never be in tune no matter what type of tuner you have. It has a good tuner.

Yes, the strap buttons are in the right place for the left—really great uke for quality.

My grandson left hand. You can use any hand.

There is no electronic input or output in Secular.

Yes, I believe a 5-year-old can.

Final description

Ranch Concert 23-Inch Professional Wooden Ukulele is a well-made musical instrument with a very light and strong neck, which is made of wood, very sturdy body design. And being very light makes it easy to navigate around. The frets are very beautiful and polished. The strings of these traditional euculars are of very good quality. Sewer colour strings are arranged one after the other with geared tuner such as 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th, and 17th.


These are arranged in about 14 stores with silver nickel frets with designs on fingerboards. The fingerboards and bridges are very strong, so it is easy to navigate around. The strings can be played very comfortably for him, and The musical instrument is made for the starter and the middle one and a half. Undoubtedly the instrument is a perfect instrument for the specified age.

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