Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones

Rode M5 MP matched pair is a compact microphones that is suitable for live on stage and recording if you are looking for a cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and full frequency response.  The M5 MP matched pair will be the best choice for you to give you awesome performance. A high-quality pencil’ style microphone is suitable for home on a range of acoustic instruments.  Will affect even the most demanding of artists and engineers. Building and Designing after many years of experience and research in Australia.  A simple diaphragm microscope for singers. Rodo M5 ensures that the variation of on more than 1 dB sensitivity between the Rode M5 microphone.  The Rodo M5 is finished with ceramic coating, which is a matte black finish. Get WS5 windshield, and RM5 stand mouths with RODE M5 MP matched pair cardioid condenser microphone.

Connectivity TechnologyWired
Audio Sensitivity1 dB


Rode is an Australian audio and sound system manufacturing company. Rode Company exports all kinds of products to different countries of the world and also produces a wide variety of sound and recording instruments. Due to high-quality materials and technology, their products are very quality full. Henry’s son Peter Friedman and RØDE bought suitable quality microphone accessories from China and started marketing them in Australia with more beautiful designs. This is how the RØDE company started its journey. RØDE company constantly invents good quality microphone or sound recording instruments. Their manufactured microphones are exported to almost all countries of the world.

The products that RØDE manufactures are Microphones, Interfaces, Wireless, Accessories, Software, Merchandise. RØDE company attaches great importance to warranty guarantee servicing support for each of their products. Their support includes Contact, Register mic, FAQ, Find a retailer. If you want to get more info about the RØDE company, you can visit their website


What we liked

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  • The sound quality is amazing.
  • Really great for recording.
  • Affordable, high-quality microphone.
  • The microphone features a compact 1/2 inch cardioid condenser with low noise and full frequency response.
  • Matching pairs are carefully selected to ensure variability of sensitivity greater than 1dB
  • A premium folded certificate has been provided in this product to verify the authenticity of the pair.
  • This product is supplied with a WS5 windshield and RM5 stand mount.
  • Need to give a very honest and articulate representation of the source.
  • The pair have been accused of producing excessive emotional noise, meaning continuous ticking.

Product description

Perfect for recording in the studio and live on stage. The Rode M5-MP matched pair cardioid is designed, made, and manufactured in Australia. RODE made this high-quality NT5 microphone with many years of experience and research. 1/2-inch cardioid condenser microphone, which is low noise and fully frequency responsive. This high-quality pencil-style microphone is perfect for artists and engineers, and this is permanently condenser as polarized. This matched pair ensures that the variation of the microphone is no more than 1dB sensitivity. The verified authenticity is ensured by a premium foiled certificate supplied with it. The RODE M5-MP offers you a sleek matt black finish microphone, including WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts.


M5 microphone I bought from the Amazon site to record my studio songs. I have bought many microphones before, and they did not last long. My friend bought this product from Amazon for his recordings and told me about the product, so I decided not to buy a good quality product. I bought these 5 microphones. The microphone had a very good review rating on the Amazon site. It can be used for full frequency response and low noise microphones. Good for studio recording and live performances on stage. Look at it like a pencil and design a company in Australia. One of the hallmarks of this microphone is the ability to use a small diaphragm condenser microphone in a variety of acoustic instruments, choirs, or individually or as a stereo array, sitting at home and anywhere. 

You can use the microphone on all occasions. The RODE M5 is a clear-sounding microphone suitable for studio and stage use. A common use is as a drum overhead or recording high-hat M5 matched pair. These are usually suitable for use on instruments like saxophone, drums, record guitar, flute, violin. Rode M5 Microphone is one of the oldest established manufacturers of professional and affordable recording-quality condensers. Make sure the M5 matched pair is ready to go out of the box.


The RODE M5 has a pair of stand mounts and a windshield with all the equipment needed to make a recording tune. If you are looking for small-diaphragm condenser microphones, you can use them. This microphone gives the mic a performance that is more than the aspiration in this price. This is a good quality microphone for performing on stage and stage, and this microphone filters out all background sounds and undetected sounds. Many mics do not filter out unwanted words. This microphone fascinates artists and directors. This microphone uses a 1/2 “low noise microphone with a cardioid condenser and a ceramic cover, a smooth matte black finish. It comes with an RM5 stand mount and WS5 windshield. There is Phantom Power. 

I have been using the M5 microphone for 6 months now, and no problem yet. This mic has a sensitivity of more than 1dB. The matching pair is very carefully selected. , Toolmaking, industrial design, metal production, robotics, audio and acoustic engineering, injection-mold technology, quality control, made with logistics. It is a wired microphone. The microphone has a stand for replacement. Why not look at the quality of the product before buying it? This product seems to be of good quality. The product had acceptable reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and other sites and had a good global rating. Many people have bought this microphone.


yes, you can use it on a windows 10 machine.

If you say a good rap song, it will make it great. Whatever you say it will make it great.

Its build quality is great. It will be anyone’s choice.

These are well-made and well-packaged by a company.

It can be used while playing games, but it captures all kinds of sounds. Your keyboard will capture the sound.

USB microphones cannot use for phones. It is a computer condenser with a tripod stand, can be used for podcasting, vocal recording, laptop desktop compatible with a Windows computer.

It doesn’t have a headphone jack

If you have an audio card in your Chromebook, you can connect the microphone system there.

Final description

With many years of experience making award-winning microphones, RODE has succeeded in creating a high-quality, good-quality, permanently polarized condenser with a good quality microphone. The most demanding of engineers and artists. Ideal for stage life and studio recordings, the Rode M5-MP combined pair of cardioid condenser microphones are equally accessible for acoustic instruments at home or where you use a small diaphragm condenser microphone. 

You can use it individually or as a stereo array. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the M5 is a compact 1/2 “cardioid condenser microphone made with a full-frequency response and low-noise full-frequency response. Premium filing. They are supplied with a WS5 windshield and RM5 stand mount. This microphone gives a smooth mat, and Offers a black finish, and comes with a WS5 windshield and RM5 stand mount. Again, this M5 microphone will help you record great songs and very good lyrics.

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