Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

If you are looking for karaoke with beautiful sound quality, attractive design disc light, and many more features, this karaoke is the best for you. The Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke has all the awesome systems, disco lights, beautiful sound, and attractive designs you want. This karaoke has a microphone in it. There are advantages to providing different inputs. Sound control can be done with the volume controller. The charm also enhances the beauty of disco light music. Karaoke has been prepared with a combination of all these things. If you want to buy a good quality karaoke you can buy it as well as read the articles below to know more about it.


The manufacturer of this Singing Machine Karaoke Machine is Singing Machine Monthly Instrument Manufacturing Company. Singing Machine was founded in 1962 in California, USA. At present Singing Machine exports their products all over. We searched the official website of Singing Machine and tried to highlight some important things about Bond. Singing Machine manufactures the types of products that are TRUE KARAOKE SERIES, KARAOKE PERFORMANCE SERIES, KIDS SERIES, ACCESSORIES. Singing Machine also releases various types of music such as singing machine mobile app, music store for classic series, music store for download series. The types of singing machines that have product and customer support are product manuals, videos & tutorials, warranty, faq’s, firmware updates, application installer, contact. You can purchase Pardust from a singing machine by different payment methods.

Also, issue different types of payment methods. If you want you can get all the updates of the singing machine from their social media platform, for that you have to follow their social media, their social media is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. For their convenience, their website link is given below. You can visit their website from

What we liked

What we don't like

  • Looking Very Beautiful and Awesome.
  • Connected to Bluetooth for wireless digital audio streaming.
  • USB connectivity: You can record your performance or play your saved songs.
  • LED disco lights with the dimmer setting.
  • Echo control for voice effects.
  • 2 digital LED displays for song tracks.
  • Provides powerful sound from the speaker.
  • Two wired microphone jacks with separate volume control for duet singing.
  • It’s a little complicated to set up.
  • It also becomes annoying to set it up again every day after you do this.
  • In the past, the equipment was not portable due to being quite heavy

Product description

This product runs top loading CD player music CD plus CD + graphics.

There is a Bluetooth system for easy wireless digital audio streaming from any compatible device.

USB connection is provided to record your performance and play your saved songs.

54 LED disco lights with dimmer setting let you control the party ambience and enjoy the party.

Echo controls for voice effects and a 2-digital LED display help you easily track your song tracks.

It is the wooden cabinet due to which its built-in speakers provide strong sound.

This includes RCAL cables for instant plug-ins and scrolling lyrics for fun game play easily connected to your television set (TV not included).

Easily stream digital audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible device or plug in your USB to listen to your favorite music or record your performance. Host a dance party with the SML385UW Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke system and where there is a top loading CD player that plays music CDs and CD + graphics. The hi-fi LED disco light effect creates the perfect party ambience and party-like enjoyment.


This SML385UW Bluetooth karaoke system CD + G, USB, LED disco light and singing machine with microphone, white [Amazon Exclusive] for the price, it is a very nice little karaoke machine. I actually bought it for my grandchildren so my needs may or may not be as an adult party, but when I tried to pull it out of the box I realized that it would work great for adults as well as adults. Very perfect and suitable for. This SML385UW Bluetooth karaoke system has a CD player on top that will play CD or CD-G. If you want to easily plug the unit into your TV and get the sound on the screen for your CDs, then the unit comes with all the necessary cords.

But I haven’t tried this function yet, for almost all fields or because I bought the first CD-G for my grandchildren Frozen, and for which they know all the lyrics of each song. There have been moments when I regretted buying that CD. If I hear it again, let it go, I can easily put my head on the wall. You can easily adjust the volume and echo of the mic in addition to the regular’s volume. The karaoke system sounds great for such a small box.


The front of the unit also glows with multi-colored lights which are very nice and nice to look at. It comes with a microphone so if you want to sing multiple singers or duets with it, you can easily choose another one. It’s a very nice solid unit, it’s not like some of the kid’s players I’ve seen and I hope I can use it effortlessly with my younger singers for many years to come. One of the best features of the SML385UW Bluetooth karaoke system is a place to plug in directly to your AUX – your phone or tablet – so that you can play virtually all of your own music to your liking.

All you have to do is buy a cord that connects the AUX to the unit, but it’s perfect and perfect for those who want to sing “What Fox Says” for the little ones. You can also take the SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke system with you whenever you want. Because it’s too handy to do. And this SML385UW Bluetooth karaoke from Ananya Bluetooth karaoke system is the best in price and meaning in all respects. So I would say that if you want to buy a Bluetooth karaoke system then you can buy this SML385UW Bluetooth karaoke system without any hesitation.


The Singing Machine comes with s video and audio cables that you can attach with your television inputs also  attach with audio cables to your audio system inputs for listen to external speakers. For attach a iPhone to the machine you have to buy an Apple iPhone TTY adapter

It plays all CD’s, however for Karaoke you will want to purchase CD+G discs. They are special for Karaoke machines. The Frozen CD you have mentioned to is just one of many CD plus G discs that they make for kids and adults.

Yeah, You can hook up two microphones on this machine. Any kind of  microphone will fit with this. Its has two standard jacks

It runs on electricity. You also can plug  through your tv and see sound for songs when you input a karaoke cd.

You can get  a wireless mic made by the same mfg that.

No, Don’t have any headphone jack on this.

Yeah, the CD can play without Television. When you turn it on then the mic will start working.  It is not bound to a TV

It’s only 110v

Final description

Introducing the Singing Machine Karaoke Machine! You and your friends can sing along to your favorite songs and create memories that will last a lifetime. This Karaoke Machine is the perfect party entertainment for your next get-together. Simply plug in your MP3 player or laptop to play your favorite tunes and sing along to your heart’s content. The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine has an impressive speaker system with a total of four speakers and two subwoofers. The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine has a sleek white design that will look great in any room.

Light colors of different colors have been used in the middle of white so that the exterior looks very beautiful and at night your whole room looks suitable for an occasion. The machine has many more features like a CD player, phone, and Bluetooth, both of which allow you to play and enjoy music. Also provided with a speaker for which you can enjoy music with your classmates and friends.

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