UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano

UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano – Kalimba 17 Key Musical Instruments w/ Kalimba Song Book Instructions UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is a great instrument for all ages. The UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is a 17 key thumb piano with a kalimba songbook that includes all of the songs from the UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano. The UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is a great instrument for learning the fundamentals of kalimba playing. It is a great starter instrument for those who are just beginning their journey into music. It also makes a great gift for any music lover in your life. The UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is made from high quality, durable materials and is a great instrument for any beginner. so If you would like to purchase this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano click on the button below.


UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is manufactured by UNOKKI, a musical instrument manufacturer. We searched the internet for information about them on various sites but we did not find any information about them. No UNOKKI company website found. A search on UNOKKI for information on Wikipedia did not find any information about them. However, to find out about the manufacturing quality relationship of the product, we have to find the product review section and the buyers have given their feedback there.

There is a lot of important information about UNOKKI that buyers can understand to understand the manufacturing quality of the product and you can check their feedback if you want. Click on the product button below to view the reviews. UNOKKI has not been able to find an email address or social media platform to communicate with them due to a lack of specific websites which may cause some inconvenience to the buyers.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • It’s incredibly easy to learn.
  • Nice build quality, excellent starter instrument.
  • A Complete Package for Beginners and Professionals.
  • It is simple to master and produces performance-quality sound.
  • The instructions are very easy to understand.
  •  Make beautiful music right away with it.
  • The body is made of wood so it can smell oily.
  • Chemical effects can occur.

Product description

Instantly create beautiful music: It is also known as like be or thumb piano, also an mbira, it is an idiophone (vibrating) instrument of African caliber. Its beautiful, resonant sound is like harp. It is so easy to learn to play that you can immediately start playing by it.

From beginners to professionals: UNOKKI’s 17-key Kalimba comes with instructions that are very easy for beginners to start playing, and make it a very nice and perfect Christmas gift for musicians. Its sound quality and technicality make it a perfect tool even for professionals.

Portable and versatile: handheld device that travels well and gives a great Christmas gift. The Kalimba is small in size, and 7.4 “long x 5.2” wide, perfect for picnics and camping, and made strong enough for outdoor use.

Premium Material: Made of solid mahogany wood, the body of this instrument is very delicate, and a great gift for every musician. Its 17 keys are made of good quality ore steel.

Thoughtful design: The names of the notes are beautifully engraved on the keys for ease of playing or mastering. The keys bend downwards by themselves so that you do not easily hit your thumbs while playing. And for added protection, we include a pair of beautiful thumb covers, as well as other accessories.


I was looking for a Thumb Piano to give as a gift to my son, who likes to collect instruments from all over the place. A friend of mine had a thumb piano and I was looking at it and asking about it. They had a gecko and it was nice but they also had some complaints about this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano. I thought it would be a great gift so I went to Amazon to do some research about this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano. Then I found a UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano which is beautiful to look at and decided to take it. It came much faster than I had imagined.

It came with rubber thumb picks that fit perfectly with baby thumbs but not for me or adults. This feels like a very clear word. They have provided this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano sticker that fits nicely. What, or whatever they say it is curved and if you look at my picture, it looks elegant to me. There are UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano color stickers that fit perfectly and they provide keys and numbers that fit perfectly and allow me to look elegant and keep the sound very easily.


With this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano, you have a tuning hammer, a very nice and clean cloth, a manual, and a very nice carry bag/cover in which this Kalimba Piano can be easily kept. Also, its instructions are very easy to understand. Its price was also excellent and according to its price, its quality is also very nice or extraordinary. I expected a good-quality device, but it exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I thought I would have to spend a lot more to get something of this good quality. My son is really happy to get it and he has been playing with it for the last few days.

I am very happy to support the purchase of all kinds of good quality products. Many times I was asked, why do I buy so many things from Amazon? Okay, I don’t shop too much, but when I need something, I believe in my Amazon purchases. Amazon makes it very easy for me to take care of those products if I find them or they are not described or if there is something wrong with the product. And when I find a great product like this Tanedar Kalimbar at such a big or low price and also get good quality, my choices make me more excited and excited to find new products to expand the product. I think you can buy this UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano with your eyes closed


No, it has some tablature of songs and that’s how to play them. But you can find tutorials on YouTube and Also, on Amazon, you can get Kalimba songbooks. It’s an easy learning tool and you’ll find it a lot of fun. I recommend The Big Kalimba Song Book to get you started. Good luck!

It works best to use your thumbnails.

Yes, our 17 key thumb piano solo is very easy to play and can be played as appropriate.

Stickers to remind you of the name of the instrument note.


I think it is much easier to learn thumb piano than piano and guitar. It comes with an instruction book, but you can buy a book for more difficult songs.

It was not necessary

I returned the item, but I believe it was mentioned in the product description.

It’s actually incredibly easy to play. It comes with some red and green stickers so that you can mark certain notes And the Kalimbar tabs are easy to read for learning music

Final description

UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is a 17-key thumb piano that can be played by a single person. product is a perfect instrument for beginners and professionals. keys are arranged in a way that the thumb of the player covers two keys, while the fingers cover the remaining keys. The instrument has a soundboard, strings, and a bridge. This instrument is a great choice for people who want to learn how to play a kalimba or thumb piano. The UNOKKI Kalimba Thumb Piano is easy to play and has a durable build. It is a great choice for people who want to learn how to play a kalimba or thumb piano.

kalimba songbook will teach you how to play the most popular songs. Many different songs have been given in the songbook. You can learn to play on your own, or with friends and family. The devices are available in different colors in the market but light brown ones are more popular. And one of its special qualities is that its keys never rust.

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