Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids

Wireless Bluetooth microphone designed for you to sing, specifically for kids. Get a lightweight microphone and it is also super easy to pair to Bluetooth. This is portable and you can carry it from one place to another’s place easily. This wireless microphone supports cable connection also. next A karaoke brand also microphone can be used as a music player. The 1888mAh rechargeable battery gives you a long time backup. it’s gives Bluetooth transmission 8M to 10M distance. so this is the best wireless 5 in 1 portable  handheld  karaoke microphone for kids. overall confidently you can take it and this is good value for money.

Package Dimensions

9.5 x 3.7 x 3.2 inches (24.1 x 9.4 x 8.1 cm)

Item Weight

12.8 ounces (362.88 grams)



Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

3 years and up


1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)




 KIDWILL Manufacturing Company made this microphone. KIDWILL typically makes a variety of toy musical instruments. A search of the internet and dental websites did not find any clear information about them. However, I found a lot of important information also about the Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kid product from their product review section. KIDWILL also manufactures a also variety of products such as, PRESCHOOL PUZZLES, BUBBLE MAKERS, KARAOKE MICROPHONE. KIDWILL regularly then uploads its products to its website.

We tried to find out their social media patterns from their website, but none of their social media platforms are mentioned on their website. Moreover, their contact information also can be used to communicate with KIDWILL. Their site contains their contact information too. KIDWILL’s products do not have customer support options. Considering all the information, next it is clear that their company is underdeveloped compared to other manufacturing companies. This is  https://www.ikidwill.com/ Their  also website you can see all their products and information through this link.

What we liked

What we don't like

  • All-in-one package to singing in everywhere.
  • This microphone is designed for professional people.
  • Perfect for gifts for your kids, friends, or family.
  • This karaoke microphone is designed with a 3-layer anti-noise filter head.
  • This microphone has advanced audio control.
  • It has a louder and more sensitive output With VOLUME and REMIX sliding buttons.
  • There are several also modes added for different fun.
  • Your smart device can be connected to a karaoke microphone via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable..
  • Small parts. 
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • Operating this microphone without a license is subject to certain restrictions. (Although most people do not need it.)
  • It must work at low energy levels. And it has no protection from interference from any other device.

Product description

All in One: This portable karaoke microphone is namely designed for singing anywhere. The obvious thing to do with Karaoke here is to sing and act, also it can act and record songs as your voice disguise. A great portable speaker if you want something beautiful

 Want to enjoy music. It can also be used as an FM radio which is even more surprising, for instance Perfect for KTV singing, traveling music, family songs, instrument recording and live.

Designed for professionals: This is a 3-level anti-noise filter head with a karaoke microphone. Which can effectively reduce and reduce airflow during wind noise and singing. And, finally anti-hauling and dust interference, distortion free. Built-in dual high-quality large speakers deliver a 360-degree super and beautiful surround feel, immersive!



Connector Type


Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB

Power Source

Battery Powered

Number of Batteries

1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Hardware Platform

PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Frequency Response

10 KHz

Date First Available

April 11, 2021

Advanced Audio Control:

Remix slides and volume buttons with louder and more sensitive Perfect output. Clear music rhythms with echo reversal, and next stunning KTV live-sound. With a superior mic, dual stereo speakers. Also you can connect a smart phone via AUX cable, Bluetooth. likewise Or you can insert a maximum of 32GB (not included) of U-disk and TF card at any time. And you can listen and sing anywhere.

Several modes for fun: Connect your smart device to Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable, and the karaoke machine adopts perfect wireless design. In which you can share your favorite things in music app songs, such as, Yokee Plano, YouTube, KUGO, Smule Karaoke, etc.


The Karaoke Microphone is designed for singing anywhere. You can record your songs and act as a voice disguise. Here karaoke works in a beautiful way to sing. This is a great portable speaker for enjoying music. Amazingly, FM radio also can be used in the microphone. This microphone is mainly used for family songs, travel songs, then KTV songs, gathering songs, car stereo, instrument recording, interviews, picnics, and live. The microphone is designed for professionals. The anti-noise filter head is housed in a 3-layer karaoke microphone. Airflow and wind noise can effectively reduce singing time and protect against distortion-free and anti-hauling and dust interference.

The 360-degree super-surround feel comes through the built-in dual high-quality large speakers. There is a higher and more sensitive output with volume and remix sliding buttons. There is clear music rhythm and KTV live sound with echo reversal. This is a wireless Bluetooth microphone. This microphone features a superior mic with dual stereo speakers. It can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth, AUX cable. You can listen and sing anywhere anytime, and anywhere.


The Karaoke Microphone has special modes such as -Wireless mode design and active Bluetooth design. You can connect your smart devices via Bluetooth or audio cable. Everything you get with this product is a 3.7V / 1800mAh rechargeable battery, karaoke microphone, multi-function buttons, audio cable, micro USB cable, and instruction manual. You can gift this microphone also to your child, friend, or family. Connect the microphones to the respective charging ports and charge for 3 to 3.5 hours. The output power of the microphone is 5W, audio playback is about 7-8 hours, noise is 585db, maximum sound pressure level> db 1KHz TDH. The sound quality of the Karaoke microphone is very clear.

I have been using a Karaoke microphone for 2 years. The sound quality is still very good and its elements are still intact. Those who want to learn new songs can take this microphone. One of the best features of this microphone control panel is the voice changing. This is my first microphone, the first family program I did with this microphone. This microphone can be controlled by the app. I bought this microphone after seeing the reviews of online shopping sites. This product is available in 5 colors on the Amazon site. I really enjoyed this microphone as new. Karaoke is a great low-cost microphone. So I would like to recommend this product. From my experience, this microphone is for learning children’s songs. They will be able to practice music at home.


The product comes with a USB charging cord – it’s too small – and has a small cord to connect the game. You are provided with a USB plug to charge and any USB plug can be set up but it is not included.

No, Android tablets cannot be used.

 I believe so I thought of doing it. It can be played differently.

Try changing the mode on the mic, then everything will be fine. The middle button labeled “REC” is the voice changer button.

 No, but probably not made in the United States.

I don’t know if the paint mine material is still good.

Looks a bit like an iPhone charger.

I do not know. Need to sign up for the free gift and still receive it.

Final description

The all-in-one portable karaoke microphone is special for singing wherever you go! Can sing and record your songs and also acts as a voice camouflage. Also, if you want to enjoy some music, this is a great portable speaker. More surprisingly, it can also be used as an FM radio. A portable microphone suitable for family songs, travel songs, also KTV songs, instrument recording, car stereo, as well interviews and live.

There are a variety of fun, entertaining modes that can be used with the Karaoke machine adopting the perfect wireless design, your smart device (PC, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, etc.) via Bluetooth or Bluetooth 3.5mm. . Cable via MM audio cable. And music on the music app to share what you like, also including YouTube, Smule Karaoke, Yokee Plano, KUGO, and more.

Whatever you get, especially will have a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery. It also can be a great birthday or festive gift for your family, kids, friends. Buy now to get it: (1) karaoke microphone; (2) micro USB cable; (3) audio cable; (4) Guide manual. Tip: * Both 1A and 2A are available, charge your karaoke by connecting a microphone to the respective charging port. Normally, the item will be fully charged after 4 hours, and then please disconnect the device in time to avoid the problem of overheating. ument recordings, car stereo, interviews and live.

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