YMC 38" Blue Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package



YMC 38″ Blue Beginner Acoustic Guitar is the best guitar for beginners according to budget. It is mainly designed for new students who want to learn to play guitar. If someone wants to learn guitar and doesn’t want to spend much money, this guitar is perfect. Its building quality is excellent and sound is also great according to the price. This guitar gives you the whole set of accessories, not only the guitar. You don’t have to buy anything from visiting the store. It is all in one package.
If you want to buy this guitar, you can easily get it from our website. We are giving a special discount on this guitar. It will save both your money & time.


YMC Company manufactures the guitar mentioned above. After doing a lot of research on the internet, there is no information about the guitar manufacturer IMC Company. However, we have learned a lot from the product review section, such as the product’s quality according to the product’s price, the dignity of the product, and which of the high quality they think is suitable for the price and provided review. They also mentioned that the material used in the product is much better quality and durable. The product quality is satisfactory according to the price of the product. But the funny thing is that with the guitar we get a lot of instruments at this price. You can check more by visiting the review section of the product and leaving your feedback there.

What we liked

  • Linden binding
  • Comfortable size
  • Beginners-friendly

What we don't like

  • Only one strap pin at the heel of the lower bout.

Product description

  1. YMC 38″ Blue Beginner Acoustic Guitar is complete wood construction with Chrome Geared Tuning, also Linden binding.
  2. This Complete Acoustic Guitar is also perfect for Beginners, Students, and teenagers.
  3. Get different features in many styles of music, and the type of guitar is common. The YMC 38″ Blue Beginner Acoustic steel string guitar is perhaps the most versatile.
  4. Then get gig bag for YMC 38″ acoustic guitar including pitch pipe 9 and pieces ABS picks Include 0.46 mm 3 pieces, 1.0 mm 3 pieces, and 0.72 mm 3 pieces.


I needed a guitar for my younger brother to learn to play the guitar. So I went to many shops with guitars but why didn’t I get a good guitar at a low price. Later I searched online sites Amazon and Walmart. After, I got this guitar. The reviews and ratings of this guitar were excellent. So I order on the Amazon site. This guitar’s quality is outstanding at a low price. It is a little small in size. I made it of chrome gear tuning and linden binding wood.

Additionally, the guitar has a gig bag, guitar straps, tuner, pitch pipe, 9 pieces ABS pick. I got what I expected. This guitar weighs 2.8 pounds and is easy to carry. Amazon uploaded this on July 10, 2016. Many people say that low-priced guitar is not good. But other guitars can compare this guitar to an excellent quality guitar. The melody is also fantastic, which is like a good quality guitar. Then, the strings and fingerboards of this guitar were very comfortable for me.


 I played my friend’s guitar also. The strings were pulled a little farther away. My guitar is much more comfortable than my friend’s guitar. Also, the guitar is available in 5 colors: black, blue, coffee and pink. Different colors have different prices. Prices range from 57.95 to. 64.95 depending on the color. I bought a guitar which was coffee-colored. I bought a guitar and played with the guitarists. They praised the guitar a lot and said that the melody was exquisite.

I have been using this guitar for 7 months. The design of this guitar is for beginners. I do not recommend you to buy this guitar. I like this guitar a lot. After watching the ratings and, reviews I purchased the guitar. So I recommend looking at product reviews before buying. I learned a lot from the product review section, such as product quality, condition, and quality comparable to other products. The biggest thing is that I get a lot of instruments with this guitar. Anyone can find this guitar on many websites. Many people have bought this product. He also praised this guitar a lot. However, reviews from customers t show that they are delighted and benefit from it. And they are satisfied using it. My younger brother is delighted with using this guitar.


It comes with a set of guitars and an additional backup set in one package. 

It is smaller than a regular guitar, youth size, 3/4 size of a standard guitar.

It’s a decent size for me (I’m 5 feet 3 inches). It plays well for what it’s worth. But I think the size is too big for 9 and below.

The guitar comes with an already installed string, and it comes with an additional set included in the accessory package.

Yes, a good size. I got it from my daughter she is 12 years old. However, it can easily fit in the range of 12/15 years.

Yes. You put nylon strings on this 38 “guitar play as a classical guitar.

No. It looked broken and was made very cheaply!

Yes, but the bridge was not built properly. 

Final description

YMC 38 “Blue Beginner Acoustic Guitar is a quality guitar. It is best if you start with a guitar that has all the high-quality guitar instruments. Then you can put it first to your liking. Adamant design and good quality wood used.

Therefore, it is made with linden binding and natural wood with chrome gear tuning. The steel-string guitar is probably the most versatile. The type of guitar is very common accordingly, and it is associated with different styles of music. When buying a guitar, it comes with a gig bag, pitch pipe, guitar straps, 9 pieces ABS picks, 0.46mm 3 pieces, and 0.72mm 3 pieces. Another fascinating aspect of this guitar is that it is primarily intended for students and beginners. Finally, it is low cost and is very popular with everyone learning in the early stages.

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